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What does it mean what is tiktok? What does he mean

Tiktok teach him a lesson! Teach him a lesson! What's the meaning of this dish? Today, the four web series are going to give you a detailed account of the science.

What does he mean

Tiktok teach him a lesson! Recently, there is a word on the jitter which is especially interesting. This expression is the disk, which is more curious about the meaning of this word and the source of words. In fact, this word is related to Wenwan. The plate refers to the outer part of Wenwan which is repeatedly rubbed and kneaded by people through the rotation of their hands. It can make Wenwan Baojiang or the glossy surface with more colors more mellow and more valuable.

The origin of this Terrier comes from a crosstalk program "Wenwan", which is a terrier mentioned by Meng Hetang. The words in it are dry, numb and Lailai. They are not round at all. So this burden has also become popular on the Internet. On the tremolo, it's also because a girl's short video says nothing about it. It's a hot expression.

What is the stem of everything

In fact, what started at the moment was more walnut and plate playing, and later on the vibrant sound, slowly developing all the tiktok that everything could be made, indicating that everything could be turned on. For example, people, things, animals and so on can be expressed in this way. The main meaning to express is that when you see something that is not round, you want to dish it out.

Teach him a lesson! Let's teach him a lesson! Tiktok, which is a little more than a few short videos on the pitch, for example, when he sees coal ball, maybe he is because he is not smooth enough, he is not smooth enough to see uncomfortable. For example, when a short video of a netizen shows a large piece of rough stone on the side of the road, it will also send out his expression.

In fact, the word "Pan he" now has more joking meanings, which are similar to those of the words "hate him", "just him" and "make him". It can be understood that when you see something uncomfortable, pan he makes him mellow, and also means that you want to make a thing more valuable.

These tiktok tiktok teach him a lesson! Now, we can see many short videos on the jitter. We can use all this short passage. At the same time, everything is popular in the vibrato. It is also a way to express all kinds of things in the mind.