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How harmful is haze? How to reduce the harm of haze to human body

Our social productivity and living standards are developing rapidly, but the quality of our living environment has been declining. The most significant is the "prevailing" haze now. Haze is also very harmful to our health. What is the harm of haze to human body? How to reduce the harm of haze to us? Let's have a look.

1、 What harm does haze do to human body

1. Predispose to cardiovascular disease

In haze weather, the air pressure is low, the humidity is high, the human body can't sweat, and the risk of inducing heart disease will be higher and higher. Haze contains a large number of particles, which include heavy metals and other harmful substances. Once the particles enter the respiratory tract and stick to the alveoli, the light will cause rhinitis and other nasal diseases, the heavy will cause lung sclerosis, and even may cause lung cancer.

2. Increase of infectious diseases

Haze weather can also lead to the weakening of ultraviolet rays near the ground, which can enhance the activity of infectious bacteria in the air and increase the number of infectious diseases.

3. Not conducive to children's growth

Due to the decrease of sunshine in foggy days, the lack of ultraviolet radiation and vitamin D production in children, the absorption of calcium is greatly reduced, which will cause infant rickets and children's growth to slow down seriously.

4. Affect mental health

Experts pointed out that the continuous fog day has an impact on people's psychology and body. Psychologically, the fog day will give people a dull and depressive feeling, which will stimulate or aggravate the state of psychological depression. In addition, due to the weak light and the low pressure caused by fog, some people will have mental laziness and depression in fog.

5. Upper respiratory tract infection

The continuous haze weather covers more than 10 provinces in China. The haze weather, a large number of dust particles and smoke particles floating in the air and other harmful substances, will cause harm to the human respiratory tract, and a large number of particles floating in the air Particles, dust, pollutants and viruses, once inhaled by the human body, will stimulate and destroy the respiratory mucosa, make the nasal cavity dry, destroy the defense ability of the respiratory mucosa, bacteria enter the respiratory tract, and easily cause upper respiratory tract infection.

2、 How to reduce the harm of haze to people

1. Reduce travel

The haze weather in the north is especially serious. Think about how the haze weather contains inhalable particles and other substances, which may not affect our health if inhaled into our body. The most effective way to reduce the haze damage is not to touch the haze weather. In the haze weather, do not travel if you can, especially for children and the elderly, are more vulnerable to the haze damage.

2. Ensure drinking water

Drink more water. This is not a lie to your girlfriend. To ensure sufficient water can replenish body fluids in time, increase blood circulation and promote metabolism. This can only be done by drinking more water. At the same time, maintaining adequate water and body fluid balance will help the skin to form a complete sebum membrane, which has a certain resistance to air pollutants entering through skin contact.

3. Wear cotton mask

It's impossible not to go out. We need to go out to buy vegetables for work appointments. We don't want to be hurt by the haze. Then we have to wear masks. Although it has been proved that the resistance of N95 mask to PM2.5 is significantly higher than that of ordinary pure cotton mask, it is recommended to wear pure cotton mask because of its excellent sealing performance.

4. Supplement vitamins and microelements

Vitamins can protect the respiratory tract from infection, and trace elements play an important role in preventing air pollution and maintaining heart and lung health. In our daily life, we eat more vegetables and fruits containing vitamins, which can not only reduce the harm of haze weather to us, but also regulate the immune system.

5. Improve self immunity

Finally, Xiaobian wants to say that only when our own immunity is improved can we resist the haze damage. Some people get sick when they go out in the haze weather. This is caused by the poor immunity. Improving our personal immunity is a more stable and powerful way to prevent haze damage. The immune function is like a guardian to protect our human health. Only the immunity is improved Only in this way can we effectively prevent haze, radiation and other harm to us.