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What's the Lantern Festival in 2019? Why is Lantern Festival not a legal holiday in China

Do you know when is the Lantern Festival in 2019? We know that it is a traditional festival in China. On this day, people will put lanterns, go shopping, guess riddles, eat dumplings and so on. And the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival is also very lively. So how long does the Lantern Festival in 2019 come?


What is the Lantern Festival in 2019

The Lantern Festival of 2019 is the day of the lunar calendar: February 19, Tuesday

The Lantern Festival in 2019 is on February 19 of the Gregorian calendar. It is also known as the small first month, the new year's Eve or the Lantern Festival. Since ancient times, the Lantern Festival has been dominated by the warm and festive custom of watching lanterns. The Lantern Festival is the last important festival in Chinese Spring Festival.


Is the Lantern Festival off in 2019

No holidays.

Because Lantern Festival is not a legal holiday in China.

However, in many places, on the day of the Lantern Festival, units and enterprises have their own holidays. And if the Lantern Festival happens to be Saturday or Sunday, it also provides convenience for everyone.


Why is Lantern Festival not a legal holiday in China

Although the Lantern Festival is an important national traditional festival in China, it is still not a legal holiday. There are some suggestions to establish it as a national statutory holiday, which has been seriously studied by the head of the national development and Reform Commission. Considering that the total number of days of national legal holidays should not be increased at present, and the Lantern Festival is close to the Spring Festival, although the Mid Autumn Festival is also adjacent to the national day, but in comparison, the Mid Autumn Festival has a greater impact, so the Lantern Festival will not be added as a legal holiday temporarily.