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What's the meaning of "smile SKR" in 2018? Wu Yifan's skr

After the word "freestyle" became popular last year in "hip hop", Wu Yifan also popularized a new word in this year's "new rap in China". What's the meaning of the new word "SKR" in 2018? What does Wu Yifan say about SKR? Why are people in friends' circle in SKR overnight?


How do you pronounce the word? Maybe it's' dead burp 'or' baby '.

Of course, when I saw this word for the first time, I think everyone was ignorant. Even native English speakers may be ignorant, because this SKR is really a new word.

Now the popular explanation of SKR on the Internet is: ① the sound of car tires spinning; ② the way of greeting between rap fans (similar to cool, cool, etc.).

At the end of the day, the word doesn't really have much practical meaning. Some netizens on the Internet communicate with foreigners and say they are at a loss. They even think Wu Yifan's usage is' funny '.

In fact, the word SKR has an earlier origin. In urban dictionary, there is an explanation for SKR:

Although it's also difficult to explain its meaning, for example, when one person asks another person's question and another person answers the absurd or funny answer, the questioner can answer one: SKR.

In addition, it is also mentioned in the explanation that the expression of 'hand over face' can be basically used instead.

So in fact, the word itself may not have any meaning or great origin, but people can always give meaning to something that has no meaning; in addition, the abuse of the word often occurs, such as the call word has no original meaning.

Next is the expression pack time.

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