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List of Dousha lipstick

Presumably no girl does not love lipstick, no matter happy or sad, lipstick is to be applied, as long as the lipstick is applied, the whole person is luminous. And Dousha lipstick is a versatile style in lipstick industry. It can be fashionable, elegant and intelligent. If you are not ready to wear any lipstick, try Dousha.

She doesn't grab the eye make-up style when making heavy makeup, and doesn't show off when making nude makeup. She's a good makeup mender in her bag. Let's have a look at the hot red bean paste lipstick these years.

1. Estee Lauder 420

When it comes to Dousha color, this cousin's color can't be ignored. It's called the essential lipstick for a woman man. It's very moisturizing and colorful. This lipstick is so popular with my cousin. It's really super temperament.

2.MAC brick-o-la

It's a very beautiful bean paste color, yellow skin is friendly, and it's easy to grasp it every day. It's very temperament. The texture of MAC aspirated series is moderate in moisture, and it doesn't show lip lines without pulling out. It's not easy to pick skin in color. It's better to rub dark lips than cool bean paste.

3.NARS lipstick pen Dolce Vita

NARS this lipstick pen is red to the universe, all kinds of broken goods, matte texture, after the mouth is fog surface effect, persistence and Concealer are great, the only drawback is a little dry, the color is too pure! Any skin color is suitable for very white, so fresh bean color, the fairy must start.

4. Armani's Lipstick dye

501 is a very classic red bean paste. I feel that Chen 501 is more suitable for yellow skin than Chen 500. It's really gentle. When I put it on my mouth, I feel like a gentle fairy.

5. YSL lip and cheek

This is a bean sand color that shows temperament and whiteness. The color is brown, but it's very light and tender. Because of its elegant color, high moisture and delicate texture, this lip glaze is very suitable for the use of light makeup and plain beauty, and easy to get a good color. The cream texture is silky and smooth, the mouth is not thick, and I can't feel the lipstick, and I can't get stuck with the lip lines after I've applied it many times. It's a little mature with a good-looking temperament.

6. Wonderful Paris velvet Color Lip Glaze

Wonderful Parisian velvet Color Lip Glaze No. 7 color is always regarded as an affordable alternative to Armani red tube, both of which are matte and foggy with similar colors. The color is gentle and natural, especially suitable for Chinese girls. Dousha color is very white. You can control whether you are wearing light makeup or thick Dousha color. Even when you are not wearing makeup, you are the most beautiful fairy. See if you are eager to try, go and choose one you like.