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What brands does DG include? DG dujiabanna belongs to several brands

As for the brand of dujiabanna, maybe the netizens didn't know it very well before. Which brands does DG include? How many brands does DG belong to? This problem also confused a large number of netizens. Let's have a look.

What brands does DG include?

Its products: cosmetics, clothing, perfume, accessories, leather goods, watches and glasses.

How many brands does dujiabanna belong to?

Dolce Gabbana, one of the most important international groups in the field of luxury goods, is a combination of the surnames of Domenico Dolce, a famous Italian designer, and Stefano Gabbana. The Chinese name is dujiabanna. Its special retro style is unique in the global fashion industry. Their boutique is headquartered in Milan and, together with brands such as Gucci and Prada, has revitalized the Italian fashion industry.