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Tiktok is what you are? What kind of stem? Is Xiu'er youTiktok, what does

mean? Recently, this word has been particularly popular in the tiktok reviews. Tiktok is the popular vane of the whole network, and many interesting and interesting stems are derived from this. Recently, many friends often see the word "Xiu'er, which appears frequently in the comments of short videos. So what does the tiktok on the shaking sound mean?


"Show" means to be excellent and powerful. It means to praise others. Some people call it "Chen Duxiu".

As a network language, it's a funny expression. When we see a video or picture that feels very powerful and meaningless, we can all say 'Xiuer, is it you'.

Introduction of the tiktok

"Xiu" refers to Chen Duxiu, which is derived from "Dai Xiu". This word is not a bad meaning. It describes funny, straight to the point and excellent answers, just like Chen Duxiu.

Sometimes we come across people commenting on "Xiuer" under their own content, which is not to say that you are not good, so we don't have to worry about whether others are scolding us.

"Show" is a popular word on the Internet. It comes from the English word "show", which means show and performance. Later, it developed at the same time with "share", gradually "show" also expressed the meaning of "show off", and then gradually evolved into "show off". "Xiu'er, is that you?" the main meaning is to praise someone for something that is very powerful and great. Sometimes it also has a derogatory meaning, that is, to think someone is too showy.

"Take show" was the first one to catch fire in the live broadcast of the game. Take my sister to brush the game, show my love, show PK technology of the game. "Xiu'er" is a new Internet stem derived from "Dai Xiu". The key point is "Xiu". It means "show a wave" and show your skills. This wave of show is very 6. Sometimes it is also used to ridicule other people's food and rubbish.