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The best time of calcium supplement for newborns

The best food for calcium supplement for newborn? Calcium deficiency will make baby's development bad. The most intuitive one is that baby's growth is not high. Calcium deficiency will cause poor development and affect the body's immunity. What's the best food for calcium supplement for newborn?

The best calcium supplement for newborns:

In fact, the best natural calcium supplement for newborns is that the food is mother's breast milk.

Because the calcium content in breast milk is the most natural and safe, so breast-feeding women eat more calcium containing foods, which can help the baby to supplement calcium.

In addition, you can also choose to take your baby to the sun, because the sun can not only kill harmful bacteria, but also better promote the absorption of calcium.

What is good for food calcium supplement

1. milk

The calcium content of milk is also very high, so usually baby drink more milk, can grow higher.

2. fruits and vegetables

There are many fruits and vegetables that also contain calcium, such as apples, spinach, pineapple, etc. they can be juiced for babies to drink at ordinary times.

4. seafood

Marine products are generally rich in protein, such as seaweed, kelp, shrimp skin and other foods, which also have high calcium content. It's a good choice to add some natural marine products to ordinary foods.

5. calcium

It's suitable for babies who can't get it from food. If you find that the food you have done for a long time can't be absorbed by your baby, you can choose some calcium supplements.

6. calcium lactate

This substance is refined from natural and green milk, which is mild compared with calcium preparation and has no side effects on the baby's intestine.

The above calcium supplement food needs to refer to the actual age of the baby as a reference, oh, can't casually calcium supplement, it is really to use the method of drug calcium supplement, must go to the hospital to consult the baby doctor, because they are professional.

The best period of calcium supplement for newborns:

Generally in the infancy period, that is, about 6 months of the baby, the absorption of calcium is the strongest, the utilization rate is as high as about 60%. With the increase of age, the rescue will be gradually weakened, especially in the old age is 17, so it is hardly absorbed.

But calcium supplement can also blind supplement to baby oh, if your hug is often crying at night, sleeping is not very stable; or often sweating, there is always a circle of baldness around the hair, that is to say, calcium deficiency.

At the same time of calcium supplement, it can help the baby to do some proper exercise, which can also help the baby absorb calcium substances and physical development.