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How to open the house loan income certificate in 2019? To apply for housing loan, we must avoid thes

Now many young people will basically choose loans when they buy a house. After all, ordinary people are still the majority. Buying a house in full is a real problem. As long as they successfully pass the bank's housing loan application, it means that they will soon become a family with houses. But if you want to apply for a house loan and issue an income certificate, you can't get rid of the necessary procedure. Some people don't think it's necessary to worry too much about these things. At last, they suffer losses on them. They regret that the house they are going to get is gone. For banks, the income certification of mortgage applicants is the top priority, and banks will focus on the most error prone areas in the income certification, and they will refuse to apply for housing loans of buyers if they are a little careless. People who want to apply for housing loans in 2019 must pay attention to avoiding the wrong areas.

1、 What does the income certificate refer to

Income certificate is the proof of salary, bonus, housing accumulation fund, dividend and other income of the loan applicant in a specific period of time. However, most banks stipulate that the total monthly loan principal and interest of the borrower shall not exceed 50% of his / her monthly income. Generally, the bank requires that the monthly income in the income certificate is more than twice the monthly income. If the monthly income is 5000 yuan, the monthly income must be more than 10000 yuan Yuan. Otherwise, the loan will be less or refused.

If the income certificate is too high, but the flow does not match, the buyer needs to provide some additional asset certificates, including bonds, bank deposits, vehicle purchase certificates, personal income tax certificates, etc. If the applicant is married, a person's monthly income is lower than the total amount of principal and interest to be repaid each month, then both husband and wife can issue income certificate at the same time to apply for loan. After meeting the conditions, the bank can also approve.

2、 How to avoid mistakes

It's necessary to be practical and realistic in income proof, and don't treat the bank as a fool. Some house purchasers are naive to think that as long as the monthly income on the income proof is higher, then their loan application will be easier to be approved, but in fact, this is a completely self defeating performance. Because the bank will take the income certificate of the buyer to compare with the transaction flow of the corresponding bank card. If it doesn't match, it will directly refuse to lend, and it won't leave any emotion.

For people with fixed units, the income certificate is generally signed and sealed by the person in charge of finance, and will be guaranteed when necessary. However, some self-employed households can't issue their own income certificate, which is simply a direct forgery. This kind of behavior is a big mistake. The buyers who manage the self-employed households only need to go to the bank with the business license, tax registration certificate, tax payment certificate and other materials for confirmation, which are actually important evidences to prove the source of income. Forging income certificate without permission is not only an immoral act of fraud, but also a great risk to the buyer himself. This practice is absolutely forbidden.

When issuing the income certificate, the buyer must ensure that his / her identity information is completely consistent with the information on the income certificate. The relevant information is best implemented in the age, mobile phone number, address and other small details. The bank will focus on checking these aspects. In order to ensure that their income proof is' very good-looking ', some buyers will write in all their income, but the income proof mainly needs to be refined. After all, banks value the long-term income of applicants, not the unexpected wealth of uncertainty.

In fact, if you want to buy a house, the provident fund can save a lot of costs for the buyer. Even if there is no way to use the provident fund loan to buy a house for some reasons, adding the payment record of five insurances and one fund in the income certificate can help you to apply for the loan from the commercial bank. The timely payment of five insurances also shows that the work is relatively stable, and belongs to the high-quality customer in the recognition standard of the bank, so the purchase of a house Don't underestimate this income.