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Have cervical vertebra disease to use what pillow is best? How to choose pillow for cervical spondyl

For patients with cervical spondylosis, there is a comfortable and suitable pillow, which can alleviate cervical spondylosis. What kind of pillow is suitable for patients with cervical spondylosis, how to choose the right pillow, and what's the height? Today's editor will teach you to choose the right pillow for yourself.

What is the best pillow for cervical spondylosis

1. Cassia seed pillow

For external use, it's 3-4kg cassia seed. It's packed in a cloth bag and made into a pillow. Cassia seed is slightly cold, with a slight smell of grass. It smells like sleeping in the grass. Its seeds are hard, and it can massage the head and neck points, so it has auxiliary effect on headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis and so on caused by hyperactivity of liver yang.

2. Latex pillow

It is processed with natural latex, without any harm and side effect to human body. Because of its natural material characteristics, it has good antibacterial and anti mite effects, providing a healthier and clean sleeping environment. According to the ergonomic design, effectively improve the quality and effect of sleep. Good moisture absorption and air permeability, especially suitable for snoring people, can effectively reduce snoring. It has good elasticity, can buffer the pressure of human body, and has strong affinity. Can effectively improve the cervical spine, lumbar spine and reduce blood pressure.

3. Memory pillow

The memory pillow is made of high-density memory technology cotton, which can fully sense the weight characteristics of the human body. By using the temperature sensing sink, it can simulate the body shape and give full support to all parts, so that people can enjoy the comfort without pressure. The unique temperature sensing effect, comfortable and soft touch and even and complete support make your head relax completely during sleep, and you can keep the most natural head posture whether sleeping on your back or on your side. One thing we should pay attention to is that memory cotton may lose memory. We can't find the height of the collapsed pillow with the naked eye. For a long time, it will cause damage to the patients with cervical vertebra problems.

4. Bamboo charcoal pillow

The biggest advantage of bamboo charcoal pillow is that it is dry, breathable and has strong adsorption capacity. Especially in summer, it can quickly transmit sweat and heat from the head. With less sweat, it will not feel heat naturally, and it will be more stable to sleep. In addition, bamboo charcoal has the functions of sterilization and deodorization. It is very healthy to use bamboo charcoal pillow in summer. Bamboo charcoal pillow will feel cool and comfortable on the pillow, unlike bamboo pillow, which is cool but hard and uncomfortable. But whether it can promote blood circulation, eliminate asthma, snoring and other symptoms, as some manufacturers publicize, is questionable. After all, these conclusions have not been confirmed by large-scale clinical trials.

What height is suitable

Usually, the appropriate height of the pillow for cervical spondylosis is 9-10cm, but the specific size depends on the physiological characteristics of each person, especially the physiological curvature of the neck. According to the old Chinese medicine, the height of the pillow can be the same as the height of the patient's fist and hand standing up. The pillows of those with wide shoulders and fat bodies can be slightly higher, while those with small and thin shoulders can be slightly lower.

Sleep habits also have an impact on determining the height of the pillow. For those who are used to sleeping on their back, the height of the pillow with cervical spondylosis should be the same as their fist height after compression (the height of clenched tiger mouth upward is the fist height standard); for those who are used to sleeping on their side, the height of the pillow with cervical spondylosis should be the same as their shoulder width after compression. Of course, it is the best pillow for cervical spondylosis that can keep the normal physiological curvature of the neck no matter sleeping on the back or on the side.

For the neck pillow itself, the part supporting the back of the neck (neck curve) should be slightly higher, and have a certain hardness, so as to set off and maintain the physiological curvature of the neck. The part supporting the back of the head should be 3-5cm lower than the above part, so that it can not only fully support the head, but also adapt to the height of the neck.

Generally speaking, people with high blood pressure, heart disease and asthma sometimes need to sleep on high pillows; people with low blood pressure and anemia sometimes need to sleep on low pillows.

The importance of pillows

Only by choosing the pillow that can fit the curvature of head and neck, can we provide proper support for the head and neck, relax the neck, and be the most suitable pillow for patients. If you often have neck pain, fatigue or falling pillow, it means that the material is not suitable. You should change a pillow.

From the height of the pillow, it should not be too high, nor too low. If the pillow is too high, it can't maintain the physiological radian, which will increase the load of cervical vertebra, make the back muscles tense, and the head and shoulders can't relax; if the pillow is too low, it may increase the curvature of cervical lordosis, make the muscles and ligaments in front of the vertebral body excessively tense, and fatigue will appear after a long time, even cause chronic injury and accelerate the degeneration.

Pay attention to choosing pillows

If possible, take out the previous pillow, use the most used position when sleeping in the past, feel the support point of the neck, and let the people around you help to see if the pillow fits the neck, and if there is a place to hang. Then use the same method, go to the physical store to try, in a highly appropriate range, the most comfortable pillow is the most suitable for you. S-shaped pillow is not suitable for everyone. If you are afraid that you can't adapt, you can try it first. You can wrap the towel into a cylindrical shape and put it under the ordinary pillow. If you feel more comfortable, you can start