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What is proof reading? How to write the certificate in kindergarten

If students need to deal with something, sometimes they will use the proof in reading. Then, how should we write the proof in reading in kindergarten? Only when we have a good understanding can we know the specific regulations. The following editor arranges the following content for you to answer, hoping to help you.

1、 What is reading proof

Whether the on reading certificate is used for proving or student identity, the main issuing unit is the school, and the purpose may be to enjoy national preferential policies or other purposes. Generally speaking, the in-process reading certificate is opened in the school's Academic Affairs Office, or you can download a template from the Internet and write one by yourself, print out the paper version of in-process reading certificate and give it to the relevant departments of the school for seal.

Two. How to write the proof of kindergarten reading


This is to certify that XX children have been studying in our kindergarten since XX, XX, XX.

Parents: XX

In witness whereof!


(seal of kindergarten or signature of principal)

The above is the introduction of the relevant content. Everyone knows how to write the kindergarten's reading certificate. In practice, we need to know the specific regulations so that we can prepare a correct reading certificate, so that we can better handle the relevant procedures, you know.