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What to eat before drinking is not easy to get drunk? This is the easiest way to drink

What do you eat before drinking is not easy to get drunk? During the Spring Festival, there are many parties and occasions for drinking. The dinner party of relatives and friends plus the reunion of classmates, drinking is inevitable. So what do you eat before drinking is not easy to get drunk?

Eating fatty food before drinking is not easy to get drunk

Before drinking, eat fatty food, such as fat, elbows, fish, etc. to protect the stomach by using the fat in the food and the characteristics of indigestion, so as to prevent alcohol from penetrating the stomach wall and reduce the harm of alcohol to the stomach, so that it is not so easy to get drunk.

Eating bean products before drinking is not easy to get drunk

Soybean products are rich in VB1 and VB2, which are necessary substances for alcohol metabolism, and can also protect the heart and liver. Eating soybean products before drinking is an essential food to avoid getting drunk, especially soybeans. The protein in them can be denatured, can consume alcohol, reduce alcohol in the body, and make people not easily get drunk.

Eating animal liver before drinking is not easy to get drunk

Eating appropriate amount of animal liver before drinking can prevent drunkenness, because the animal liver contains rich B vitamins, which is conducive to protecting the human liver and improving the detoxification ability of the body to alcohol, especially pig liver can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, reduce the alcohol concentration in the blood, and make people not easily drunk.

Drinking milk before drinking is not easy to get drunk

Drinking a glass of milk before drinking is not easy to get drunk, because the protein contained in milk can help neutralize gastric acid, and milk can form a membrane on the surface of the stomach to reduce the stimulation of alcohol on the gastric mucosa. In addition, drinking a proper amount of yogurt before drinking has the same effect, which can prevent drunk gastritis, dehydration, etc.

A drunken way of drinking

1. Drinking on an empty stomach

When drinking on an empty stomach, it is very easy to get drunk without any food, and it is very harmful to the gastrointestinal tract, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, and it is easy to induce various stomach diseases, gastric ulcers, etc.

2. Drink strong wine

Don't drink too hard. Take a big sip. Drink slowly and rhythmically, so that the body can absorb it slowly and drink it together with vegetables, so that the body has time to break down the alcohol in the body, so as not to get drunk quickly.

3. Drink miscellaneous wine

When two or more different types and degrees of alcohol are mixed, it will show some 'synergistic effect', which is easy for us to get drunk quickly, and more likely to damage the liver cells, damage the liver metabolism function, and do great harm to our body. If you like to mix three kinds of white wine, white wine, red wine and beer together, you will get drunk easily.