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Do you know what the classic lines are in the play? Appreciation of the quotations of the classic li

Did you watch the hit TV show "I don't know if it's green, fat, red and thin"? What you are looking forward to most is the performance of Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng and Long Ge. After the broadcast of the play, it did live up to expectations and achieved a very good rating. With the popularity of this drama, many classic lines also affect everyone's heart. Let's see if there are any classic lines.

1. Until the mountains and mountains, suspicion, sadness, hesitation, around a big circle, this only found that the original want, close at hand.

2. If you know it or not, you should be green, fat, red and thin

3. She was dressed in a light willow green soft Ge knee length single shirt, with a snow Satin cloud pattern pleated skirt underneath. She was covered with a dark green thin brocade makeup flower Bijia. Her black oil hair was tied to a bow down horse's Zhuer, half hanging her hair, leaving a soft fringe of forehead. She only had a pair of Diancui inlaid with Nanzhu gold and silver hanged the mother of flowers. After the bun, she pressed a small handle of white jade to wrap the flower and crescent to comb it, just like a delicate Xiaocui Green onion, reflecting the red face of pink Handan, is delicious to be bitten.

4. This calm and indifferent man, whether in mind, there has been a person, a person to let him remember for life.

5. The young and old people in the Jianghu dream back at midnight, but often think of the little girl throwing mud. --- Gu Tingye

6. This story begins with a Sheng six girl and ends with a Sheng six girl. At last, they are very happy;

7. In this life, I always love myself.

8. In this life, I always love myself.

9. Because of soberness, so pain, because of understanding, so bleak, hope there is always despair at the end, she dare not hope, dare not look forward to, all wake me drunk, but wearing shackles, stepping on the tip of the knife, giggling across.

10. Happiness, mostly ordinary, even inconspicuous; and tragedy, often magnificent.

TV series "whether you know it or not should be green, fat, red and thin"

11. I have been admiring you for a long time. I would like to hire you as a woman, entrust you with the right reward, inherit you for a long time, and live forever

12. I know that I shouldn't say that, but I always feel that what I really love is not how many smart things he does, but how many stupid things he does.

13. Flowers bloom and fall, and go back and forth.

14. Let's take the road to the sky

15. I want you, in this mansion, outside your boudoir, to do everything I can, to do what you want, to do what you want.

16. I felt a pain in my heart. I thought, did the people who received these two clay dolls ever see these four words? Don't always say it's life. If you don't press on your life, life will press on your head to be happy. Most of them are ordinary or even inconspicuous. But tragedy is often magnificent.

17. Our memory begins with the prosperity of a family and ends with the flower of the family.

18. He's in the middle of the crowd, and she's in a lonely corner, alone and fragrant

19. They are all early by the reality to wear away the innocence and enthusiasm, in life to learn a variety of hypocrisy, to people, to things, full of vigilance and vigilance, careful, do not believe easily. Until the mountains and mountains, suspicion, sadness, hesitation, around a big circle, this only found that the original want, close at hand.

20. All the emotional disturbance started in the afternoon when a teenager with the same surname raised the curtain and ended in his death. No one knows whether he is happy at last;

21. But, you know, if you really miss someone in your heart, you will make mistakes in a hurry, so-called care is chaos.

22. Worldly couples, too much entanglement is easy to hurt, and the best is to live a quiet and vague life.

23. The man's facial features are deep and his pupils are as deep as the night. He just stands there quietly. The shadow of some Begonia leaves slants over his face. The half hidden shadow is a little fuzzy. The black color is mixed with dark gold silk, and the robe is straight, and the corners are damaged.

24. The ink is light and gray, which should have been written decades ago. It can be seen that the writing is clear and meaningful. I feel pain in my heart. I wonder if the people who received these two clay dolls have ever seen these four words?

Do not always say that all is life. If you do not press on life, life will press on your head.

26. When minglan was young, she worshipped Buddha with her grandmother and believed in the circle of cause and effect. Life, dare to do, should dare to be. No matter who is wrong, there must be a place in the world that deserves retribution. I dare say that! "

27. Lady Liuli once said that when there is no hope, it is when hope is coming.