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Eating black wolfberry has what advantage to human body? Effect and function of black wolfberry

Now it's often said that the health preservation of Buddha system, the soaking of wolfberry in the heat preservation cup has set off a wave among the young people, and they have soaked the wolfberry in succession. Today we're not talking about the wolfberry but the black wolfberry. Have you ever eaten the black wolfberry? Although it's not the same as the name of the red wolfberry, the price is dozens of times of the red wolfberry. The reason why the black wolfberry is so expensive is its efficacy. Then small make up will take you to understand the efficacy and function of black wolfberry and the right way to eat black wolfberry.

[efficacy and function of wolfberry]

1. Antioxidation and anticancer

Black wolfberry is rich in anthocyanin, which is very rare in general food, so it is especially precious. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging effect, which is very suitable for women who want to maintain beautiful appearance first. In addition, anthocyanin has an indirect anti-cancer effect. It can clear away free radicals from the body, prevent cancer cells from attacking, and protect healthy cells from being swallowed by cancer cells.

2. Prevention of hair loss

Hair is closely related to blood circulation and stretching health. If the kidney is not good or the blood circulation is poor, it is easy to have serious hair loss. One of the most feared problems of modern young people is' hair loss'. If you want to improve hair loss, black wolfberry can do it. Black wolfberry has certain effect on kidney and hematopoiesis, and is a good medicine to prevent hair loss. It is suggested that people with such hair loss troubles can try to drink black wolfberry water, which can effectively improve it.

3. Enhance immunity

Black wolfberry also has the effect of strengthening the human body's own immunity, which is mainly manifested in its ability to inhibit the growth of some harmful cells and cell mutations, and improve the human body's resistance to disease. Therefore, black wolfberry is very suitable for people with poor health and physical deficiency to eat, which can improve the five viscera and six Fu organs, and promote the blood circulation of the whole body.

[the right way to eat black wolfberry]

If you want to make full use of the nutritional value and efficacy of black wolfberry, you should first understand the correct way to eat black wolfberry.

1. Direct chewing: like red wolfberry, it can be chewed and eaten directly, just like dried fruit. It has a light sweet taste of iodine. People who like simple and rough can eat it like this.

2. Porridge or steamed rice: similarly, black wolfberry can also be cooked and eaten. When cooking porridge, put a little black wolfberry, and the boiled wolfberry porridge has a complete color, fragrance and taste.

3. Bubble water: it's very suitable to brew black wolfberry with warm water for drinking. Why use warm water? Because too high or too low temperature will destroy its anthocyanin. It's recommended to brew it with 50-70 degree water.

4. Pickled wine: we often use red wolfberry to make medicine wine. Black wolfberry can also be used. Soak black wolfberry in yellow wine or white wine, and the effect will be better after one week.

5. When making soup or stewed meat, you can add some black wolfberry to make the soup better nourishing.