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What color Fengshui is installed on the bedroom door? Bedroom door bedroom door color geomancy taboo

When decorating a house, people should not only pay attention to the problem of good-looking decoration, but also pay attention to the problem of geomancy. For the bedroom door, what color of geomancy is better? For the family that needs to be decorated, let's have a look.

What color is geomancy good for bedroom door?

1. Bedroom with warm tone or neutral tone is given priority to, try to avoid using too cold or contrast too big tone. The color of bedroom is mainly composed of furniture, bedspread, curtain, wall, ceiling, ground, etc. In addition to the color of walls, ceilings, floors and furniture, we should also pay attention to the color of curtains and bedspreads.

2. In the choice of bedroom color, we should pay attention to the influence of color on the physiology and emotion of human body. Red, orange or bright yellow can make people excited, fidgety, and not easy to sleep; dark purple, dark green, dark blue and other dark colors can make people feel heavy, aggravating insomnia.

3. It is suggested to choose light and bright colors such as pink, lavender, light blue and light green, which will make people feel quiet, relaxed and easy to sleep.

4. What boards are used for home decoration? Paint free baking paint or paint spraying. If it's paint spraying, it's not recommended to make color for the whole door. The shape of bedroom door, such as line or U-shaped groove, is very good-looking. That is to say, the basic color is white, and the line or groove is made into color, with contrast and layers. If it's finished set door, choose dark color, and The light color of the wall also has the contrast, the stereoscopic feeling is also relatively strong, the walnut, the wine red, the date red all may.

Bedroom door color geomancy taboo?

1. The color of the bedroom door geomancy taboo: it is not recommended to paint the bedroom door with the color of turquoise. In the geomancy, there are five Huang, five clean ghosts and all the evil spirits. More than half of them are of this color. After five yellow stars and five black stars stack temporarily, diseases follow. But with the bright pure yellow, the Lord is lucky and safe, and can also recruit money.

2. Bedroom door color geomancy taboo: blue, black these two kinds of colors are easy to provoke Yin Qi, disease Qi, also very easy to return money. Although black makes the shade evil, but the bedroom door lives in the room, usually not facing