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Is it difficult to interview for a teacher's qualification certificate? What details should be paid

In the second half of 2018, the teacher qualification interview started on January 5. Did the students who finished the exam yesterday give a sigh of relief? The students who want to take the exam after that still have to review well, and don't give up for a day. Xiaobian analyzes the details that need to be paid attention to in the interview for the students who want to take the exam later. Let's have a look at them as soon as possible.

Detail 1: interview questions

The questions drawn by the examination room are the questions for trial speaking, not the questions for structured reply. The topic is only a fragment of the text or a certain knowledge point, not the whole text. Review and preparation is to review the whole text. Some examinees will miss the requirements of the questions when they are nervous. Please pay attention to the requirements of the questions here. Don't forget to look nervously! Draw the key points and remember to see the requirements of the questions!

Detail 2: lesson preparation time C lesson preparation link

The lesson preparation time in the lesson preparation room is only 20 minutes. It is necessary to prepare lessons and write lesson plans. Is there time? Write a short lesson plan, but the framework must be complete. The brief teaching plan can make you quickly reflect how to teach in the interview, and the integrity of the framework can make you see the process of the lecture more clearly!

Frame structure: teaching objectives: 1. Knowledge and skill objectives 2. Process and method objectives 3. Emotion, attitude and values

Teaching key and difficult points: 1. Teaching key points of the course 2. Teaching difficulties of the course

Teaching process: 1. Introduction of new lesson 2. Teaching of new lesson 3. Consolidation exercise 4. Summary 5. Assignment (blackboard writing, teaching reflection)

Detail 3: trial lecture

Trial lecture is not the same as lecture. It is a simulation of a class. From the beginning of class, we should say with passion: students, we have class and so on. The grade of the text and the content of the teaching objectives should not be mentioned in the trial lecture, but the teaching objectives should be clearly written in the teaching plan. After the trial lecture, the examiner may ask questions about the teaching objectives in the reply link.

Detail 4: materials for preparation room

No cell phone, no teaching materials and no materials can be brought into the preparation room. There are only question paper and preparation paper. The preparation paper has the name, examination permit number and other parts are blank. So the framework of the lesson plan must be written by yourself! Remember to write it by yourself!

Here are some suggestions for the interview:

Structured Q & A is the first part of the interview. Five minutes' response to two questions gives you suggestions:

1. Review regularly every day and try not to disconnect.

2. When answering questions, you must listen to the questions clearly, and do not deviate from the questions. According to the questions, organize your own ideas to answer the questions finally.

3. In case of a controversial question type, it can be analyzed in a dialectical manner, or it can be said that the advantages and disadvantages coexist. Don't start with a different point of view and then answer with a different point of view, which is very contradictory. The answer needs to be structured.

4. When answering questions, pay attention to mastering the time, see the questions think first, grasp the key points and then narrate in an orderly way, and at the same time ensure that the answers conform to a certain logical thinking, with clear levels. Don't talk nonsense, it will affect the interviewer's influence on you.

5. Make sure you have a good attitude. You should have confidence in yourself no matter you practice or interview. You have to believe that you are the best. This psychological hint is very important. Don't bring negative energy.

6. The answers should be natural and smooth, not too rigid, and the pronunciation should be standardized. After all, as a teacher, you need to be articulate and articulate. If you can answer the questions clearly, you will get points for your interview!

Finally, I wish you a successful interview!