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Which style of long hair suits you best?

When you have long hair and waist, what's the best way to do it? There are many kinds of long hair styles. What are the latest hair styles for long hair beauties Take a look at the long hair style that suits you best!

1. Long straight black hair. This is a pure and moving long hair style. Black and long hair is suitable for girls with gentle temperament. It's the look of many boys' first love girlfriends. Straight hair and light dyeing are also very suitable for the temperament and fashion of female friends. The middle score bangs design is fresh and fashionable, simple and generous you are worth trying.

2. Long hair with large partial comb. The forehead hair is two or eight points, and the hair is permed in large volume. This hairstyle can perfectly decorate the hairline. It also looks noble and sweet. The long hair can cover most of the face, and it is also suitable for girls with large face.

3. 3 / 7 hair style. Comb the long hair to one side of the fragrant shoulder, and divide the hair into three strands for loose and lazy twist braiding. In the process of hair braiding, some green leaves or ribbons are integrated. The hair on the other side has ear covering design to create a romantic long hair style.

4. Long hair and high ponytail. The high ponytail shape is divided into straight hair high ponytail and curly hair high ponytail. Straight hair high ponytail reveals cool and capable, curly hair high ponytail exudes cute. Long hair and high ponytail are suitable for sports girls. You can try them if they are simple and generous.

5. Double Ponytail Hair binding is very popular at present. No matter what kind of bangs, it can easily control double Ponytail Hair Style, which is a very girl's hair binding style. Suitable for small and lovely soft girls.

6. Half meatballs. Long hair will be the top of the hair at the top of the hair made a messy sense of the ball hair, very simple and intellectual hair, suitable for the face of small and delicate girls.

7. Wilf head. Trim the long hair at the end of the hair, separate a bunch of hair at the top of the hair, and make a puffy ball head shape at the top of the hair, with the ball head leaning to one side, adding playfulness and vitality. Suitable for girls with more hair.