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Hair color match let's see what color you fit

With the change of the times, hair dyeing is more and more common, and hair color is more and more, so how to match hair color to better set off yourself?

Generally speaking, you can make a simple distinction according to your skin color: people with fair skin are more suitable for color, dark hair can highlight your composure; light hair can show your youthful vitality. The skin color is yellow and black, which is not suitable for light dyeing. Light hair will make your face look gray and rough. At this time, dark hair color is more suitable for you, and they can make up for the lack of skin color.

2. If the skin is not white, but you like the light hair color very much, or you mind that the black hair grows out after dyeing and causes the color incongruity. It is recommended to pick and dye hair color. If the color is properly selected, it will be very innovative and not abrupt. For example, put the long straight hair of the two eighths model together on one side to do the twist braiding treatment, and match the hair color with coffee color and rose red. The rendering of coffee color gives off charming luster. The braid is added with a red color rendering. No matter what the color is, it will make the whole person look charming and moving.

3. Choose the hair color match according to your career, temperament and personality. Working in the office, young people who often wear professional clothes are suitable for dark hair colors such as millet, linen, brown, etc. they look more stable and capable. Walking in the fashion and entertainment circles, people can make use of the methods of pickling and gradual dyeing to create a multi-level sense of hairstyle change, which is particularly brilliant and impressive under the light. You can try red, grape red, linen green, peacock blue and other colors, or more vivid, such as blue, which will make you look vigorous. Pick dye is still the first choice. If you don't worry about passers-by's surprised eyes, then overall dye helps you to fulfill your desire to express something else.

Hair color matching is also an art. Good hair color matching will make people more outstanding. On the contrary, it may achieve the opposite effect.