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How to use eye cream correctly

As long as you have problems with the eyes, you will be ten years old immediately! Therefore, the use of eye cream is really essential for every girl! In fact, a good eye cream plus the correct massage technique will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Do you know the correct use of eye cream

1. When you apply eye essence, you need to master the correct technique, otherwise you will further deepen the eye pattern.

First, apply the eye cream on the ring finger, push the eye cream evenly on the other ring finger, press it gently around the eyes, and then massage it in circles for five to six times according to the order of inner eye corner, upper eyelid, eye tail and inner eye corner. In the process, gently press the tail, lower orbit and eyeball. After cleansing in the morning and evening, use the ring finger to take the mung bean sized eye cream. Rub the two ring finger bellies together to warm the eye cream, so that it is more easily absorbed by the skin.

2, can be used as eye cream eye cream essence, can be used every day, but the dosage is generally a green bean size.

In the way of playing the piano, gently pat the eye cream on the skin around the eyes. Focus on the lower eye socket and the extension from the eye tail to the temple.

3, be sure to use skin lotion before using eye essence, then apply cream to avoid eye skin.

First from the lower part of the eye, gently press from Jingming point to the end of the eye. Then press gently from the top of the eye, from the inside out.

4. Although the essence is quite effective, facial essence can never replace eye essence.

Start with your middle finger at the bottom of your brow and press gently. Then press gently from the inside out along the orbit.

5, most essence contains active ingredients, so we should pay attention to the validity and preservation methods of product descriptions. Some people love to put essence in the fridge, but pay attention to the long time storage at room temperature if cryopreservation is applied.

With the middle finger tip, gently press the Yingxiang acupoints on both sides of the nose wing to promote the blood circulation of the eye skin.

6, if it is not pump pressure or independent packaging, it is best to use small spoon to extract when applying the essence. If there is no spoon, keep the finger clean. Immediately use the bottle cap tightly.

In the weekly special care, you can also add the use of eye mask in the last step to help relieve the pressure on the eyes.

Five mistakes in using eye cream

1. I don't need eye cream until I'm 25

For most office girls, they can't do without the computer work, the leisure time occupied by newspapers and TV CDs, and the use of heating and air conditioning for more and more time. Such a life makes the eye muscles tired. Maybe before the age of 25, wrinkles will come to meet you early.

2. Cream can replace eye cream.

The skin around the eyes is different from other skin. It is the thinnest part of cuticle and the least distributed part of skin gland in the facial skin, and can not bear too much nutrition. The most fundamental purpose of eye cream is to absorb and nourish quickly, and never use oily cream to replace eye cream.

3. Eye cream can treat crow's feet, eye bags and black circles

Many people use eye cream because of the first fine line on the corner of the eye, or puffy eyelids, obvious dark circles or bags. But for wrinkles, dark circles and pouches, eye cream can only prevent the eyes from aging more quickly, which is equivalent to "mending the past". Therefore, the best time to use eye cream is when wrinkles, pouches and dark circles have not yet been produced, to prevent them!

4. Just use eye cream on the corner of the eye

The reason for using eye cream is that there are crow's feet on the corner of the eye, but do you know that the aging of upper and lower eyelids is earlier than that of the corner of the eye? Do not neglect the maintenance of crow's feet without obvious symptoms. And because the eye skin is very thin, too much eye cream can not be absorbed, but will cause a burden, accelerate skin aging. Just two mung bean sized seeds at a time. Remember, first apply eye cream and then apply face cream. When you apply cream, you must avoid the skin around your eyes.

5. All eye creams are the same

After knowing the importance of eye cream, some people often run to the cosmetics counter, pick out an eye cream with satisfactory quality, packaging and price, and take it away. It's a big mistake to do so. There are many kinds of eye cream, aiming at different ages and different eye problems. Before you buy eye cream, you must first understand what kind of eye problems you have, and then buy it according to your needs. You can't solve the problem of 'face' even if you spend unjust money.