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What about the winter sweater? It's easy to do these tricks

How to solve the problem? Sweater is one of the warm clothes that can't be separated in winter, but in fact, some sweaters are quite pricking, and it's very uncomfortable to wear them all, so how to solve the problem? In fact, a simple trick can be done.

How to solve the problem of sweater binding:

The reason why the sweater ties the heart is that the material is hard, especially the pure hand-made wool. Its texture is relatively strong and hard, so when the human body wears it, it will feel very firm.

1. white vinegar

White vinegar is a kind of condiment with the function of softening protein, which should be known by many people, so if the sweater at home is relatively tied, you can try to prepare a basin of cold water, and then pour in the appropriate white vinegar, and turn the sweater when soaking.

2. moisturizing cream

Hair moistening cream is very common in life. When the hair is manic, the use of hair moistening cream will be improved to a certain extent. Then the sweater binding can also be used. Gently rub the hair moistening cream into the sweater. The technique should be gentle. After all the light rubbing, wait for half an hour and wash it with cold water.

3. freezing

When the sweater is completely dry, fold it up and put it in the refrigerator for cold storage. The time is a whole night. Take it out the next day. After the sweater is completely dry, you can wear it. You will find it becomes obviously soft.

How to solve the problem of sweater pilling:

No matter what kind of sweater is made of, it's easy to Pille, but once the balloon is over, the sweater will become cheaper and a little dirty, so when the sweater is pilling, it can be perfectly solved by using a manual razor. The technique should be gentle. If you hang it gently, you will find that the wool ball is easily hung on the next layer, and the sweater will become relatively new.

How to deal with sweater shedding:

If the sweater falls, it is actually a good solution. Generally, when washing the sweater, add washing clothes and starch to mix into a basin of clear water. The amount of starch is generally in the shape of half a basin of cold water and a spoon of starch. Then put the sweater into soaking for 5 minutes, and clean it. It's OK to dry. It's best to use a net bag to dry.

How to deal with sweater shrinkage:

Some sweaters look very nice, but they shrink easily. The sweaters that fit well can't be worn at once. So what should we do? Should we throw them away? In fact, the solution is very simple.

1. Prepare a basin of cold water, add a small amount of boron, one liter of water and two spoons of boron.

2. Stir the water evenly, and then soak the shrunk sweater for 25 minutes.

3. Take it out and lay it on the towel. Then screw it out and lay it flat again for about 10 minutes.

4. Start pulling the sweater, and then dry it, it will become the same.