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How to deal with the campus loan? Campus loan has no consequences

Campus loan is a popular way of loan on campus, which solves many students' consumption demand, economic pressure and so on. But for some vanity loving college students, sometimes when they borrow money, they don't have the financial strength to repay it. As a result, more and more students end up with tragedies. What should we do if the campus loan is not enough?

Can we not pay back the campus loan

As long as the campus loan is signed on a voluntary and equal basis by both parties and the annual interest agreement is not higher than 24%, it is legal to repay; if the annual interest agreement is higher than 24%, the part higher than 24% is protected by law, the part higher than 24% is not protected by law, and it is not required to repay. If the borrower tempts the loan and introduces the way to balance the account, the contract faces the risk of invalidity. If the contract is invalid, just return the principal.

What to do if the campus loan is not up

The first way is to tell your parents, which is a better way. Otherwise, more and more interest will be paid, and the consequences will be very serious.

I will borrow some money from my friends or people around me to guarantee that I will repay the money as soon as possible. This is also a related approach.

Do part-time jobs to earn part of the money, which is also a related method, which is to earn a certain amount of money to pay back.

Try to live a frugal life, to save some of the relevant funds to pay back, which is also a related way.

You can borrow some money from other platforms, such as ant flower, to repay your campus loan temporarily. This is an expedient.

In a word, Xiaobian suggests students not to borrow campus loans, which is the best choice. Otherwise, if they can't afford the money, the consequences will be very serious. At present, the country is carrying out individual credit investigation, so personal credit is very important. If the loan is not repaid, the mobile phone is in arrears, the credit card is overdue, and the water and electricity fees are in arrears, the personal credit will be affected.