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How to get rid of formaldehyde?

When it comes to formaldehyde, it should be a headache for many people and it's stressful. Especially for those who have just finished decorating their houses, it's not easy to decorate the houses, and the furniture has been added. Finally, they can move into the new houses happily, but when decorating many new houses, there must be formaldehyde in adding furniture or painting. There are many people on the Internet who are anxious to stay in their new home, resulting in the news of leukemia. Although time is money, you don't have to joke about your health. Today's news editor will share some knowledge about formaldehyde removal with you.

First of all, the most effective and economical way is ventilation. Open windows to ventilate and ventilate, open all cabinet doors in the room, and quickly discharge formaldehyde from the outside of the room by accelerating air circulation. And new home had better choose to move in in summer, the weather is hot in summer, the formaldehyde inside the home volatilizes quickly. But in this way, the sky is also beautiful. The floor is high and the wind is blowing.

I think readers and friends have heard the saying that formaldehyde can be removed by plants. Many people think that you can remove formaldehyde by placing some plants at will. In fact, there are classifications for formaldehyde removal plants. These plants have strong and weak abilities. The best ones are the orchids and the leaves on the back of the tortoise, not the small potted plants that are easy to feed. So in the choice of formaldehyde removal plants, readers and friends to distinguish its kind, do not have errors oh.

If these two methods can not meet the needs of readers and friends, then there is a very economical formaldehyde removal method, which is activated carbon. Its adsorption capacity is super strong. Xiaobian suggested that you buy Industrial activated carbon, about 100 yuan can buy a lot. If you want to think of the best effect, you'd better change the activated carbon several times every few days, or you can choose to expose it in the strong sunlight and place it again.

Have you got three tips to get rid of formaldehyde? Let's try it!