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What happened to D & G's future? How much did D & G lose

We should all be very clear about the incident of D G's humiliation to China, and we don't need to elaborate on the details of the incident. Let's talk about how much jobs and money D G lost after humiliating China today!? of course, this is the cost of D G's humiliating China. I don't know what the cost of respect is. No matter how much they lose, it's just a result of their own eating.

On November 21, the designer of the famous luxury clothing brand in Europe, dujiabanna, made a humiliating speech, which had a huge impact on China. The Chinese people reacted strongly, denouncing DG's improper behavior, and the unfair separation of the Chinese people remained in the mouth, and put it into action.

First of all, the stars actively wrote articles to draw a clear line with dg. Dili Reba and Wang Junkai, the image spokesmen of Asia Pacific Economic Zone, successively published articles to terminate their cooperation with DG. Many netizens posted the words "DG was born in 1985 and died in Shanghai 2018". Some media people think that the short-term sales of DG will be affected. For the Shanghai show, DG covers 18700 square meters, 360 models, 1600 sets of furnishings and 500 sets of models.

After a group of stars such as Chen Kun and Zhang Ziyi expressed their boycott of DG group, many domestic mainstream e-commerce platforms such as tmall, Jingdong, etc. have also taken off the products of DG group in an all-round way, and their online sales channels in China have been almost cut off. How much money does DG group lose after being completely blocked by Chinese e-commerce? Ynap's decision may be just the beginning. With the great development of China's internationalization, the degree of clothing brand internationalization is getting higher and higher, and its influence on all countries in the world is growing. The international market will also estimate the influence of China's market. The DG's humiliation against China has proved that offending China's big market, offending China's civilization and offending the Chinese people will surely be punished with great application.

After the humiliating comments were made public, Chen Kun, Zhang Ziyi and other stars expressed their resistance to DG, and DG's brand ambassadors in the Asia Pacific region, delireba and Wang Junkai, respectively, said that they had terminated their contract with DG. The great show, which was originally scheduled to be held in the Shanghai World Expo Center on the evening of the 21st, was cancelled, and the Chinese launched a wave of resistance to dg. DG group has thousands of offline stores all over the world. Among them, there are nearly 60 stores in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities in China, and one of its physical stores in Chengdu is located in IFS international financial center.

China is the main consumer market of luxury goods in the world. In 2017, McKinsey released a report to remind major luxury giants that China has an opportunity of more than 1 trillion yuan. In 2018, China has bought one third of the world's luxury goods. After a long-distance show, DG plans to go further in the potential Chinese market, which accounts for 30% of DG's global sales.

At that time, there was a discussion about "DG insulting China", but last year's heart of Sima Zhao of DG was not so obvious as this year's, and this matter passed. By this year, the whole country has known how bad DG is. After the incident, all e-commerce platforms, including tmall Jingdong, and all offshore platforms removed DG products without exception.

We advise all companies who want to come to China to make money to understand the facts as soon as possible. We are now the second largest economy in the world. We love peace, but any abuse, bullying or discrimination against us will pay a price!