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How to eat the best mutton in winter? A collection of N multi mutton soup

Mutton is one of the most popular foods in winter. Winter is definitely the best season to eat mutton, so how to eat the best mutton in winter? Many people like to make mutton soup at home? The nourishing effect is also very good.

1. Radish and mutton soup

Ingredients: 1000g radish, 500g mutton, proper amount of salt, pepper, onion and ginger.

Method: remove the fascia from the mutton, cut it into 3cm cubes, blanch it in the boiling water pot, remove the blood water, remove the drain water, put it in the pot, and inject some water. Remove the skin of radish, rinse and cut into diamond pieces for use. First put onion and ginger in the mutton pot on the fire. After boiling, use the gentle fire to cook for about 30 minutes. Then put the cut radish and cook until the mutton is cooked. Put the meat and soup into the bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

Efficacy: this decoction has therapeutic and tonic effects on general cold cough, chronic tracheitis, deficiency cold asthma, abdominal cold pain, body deficiency and fear of cold, waist and knee tenderness, sallow complexion and muscle thin, deficiency of both qi and blood, deficiency of body after illness or postpartum. It is suitable for people with physical deficiency.

2. Huangqi mutton soup

Materials: 150g mutton, cut into small pieces, 6G with Astragalus, 5 pieces of ginger, 10g with scallion, 5g with aniseed.

Method: put the ingredients into the cold water pot together, boil them in high heat, remove the froth, turn them into medium and low heat and stew until the mutton is cooked and rotten, and add a little salt.

Efficacy: this decoction has the effects of Warming Yang and nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen and kidney. It is suitable for those who are afraid of cold limbs, lack of strength in limbs, lack of Qi and lazy speech, and have weak waist and knees. However, this soup should be considered as a medicinal diet, so it is best to consult the Chinese medicine first whether it is suitable for taking according to the individual's constitution.

3. Wolfberry mutton soup

Materials: 150g mutton, 20g medlar, 5g ginger powder, a little star anise, onion, garlic, salt, etc.

Method: wash the mutton, cut into small cubes of uniform size, boil the bleeding water in boiling water first, remove them and put them into a boiling pot together with the washed wolfberry, chopped ginger and star anise, boil them in high heat, turn them into a slow stew in low heat, add onion, garlic, salt and other seasonings when the mutton is fast cooked, and continue to stew until the mutton is cooked and rotten.

Efficacy: this decoction has the functions of clearing eyes, strengthening muscles and tonifying kidney, and is suitable for deficiency of kidney yang. It is suitable for those who are old, have blurred vision, red eyes, swelling and pain, and are not good at flexion and extension of muscles and joints.

4. White gourd and mutton soup

Ingredients: 150g mutton, 5g ginger, 10g scallion, 100g winter melon, salt.

Method: wash and cut the mutton into small pieces, put them into a cold water pot together with ginger and scallion, boil them, remove the froth, turn them into small and medium fire stew, add the cleaned and cut winter melon (cut into large pieces, do not peel) and a little salt when they are fast cooked, and stew until the mutton is cooked.

Efficacy: it is good for water and drenching, suitable for those who suffer from edema and urination. Pregnancy period 7-9 months, eating secondary soup, can invigorate the spleen and Qi, water and fetus.