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What food can't be eaten with mutton? A summary of the food list

mutton is one of the most nutritious meat, which is very suitable for winter consumption. Mutton has a very good nourishing effect. For some people with poor physique, eating more mutton can effectively improve their immunity. It is a very pleasant thing to eat mutton in winter, but there are many taboos to eat mutton, so what can't mutton be eaten with? What are the foods that can match mutton?

1. Avoid eating with tea

Tea is the key to mutton. This is because the protein content of mutton is rich, while the tea contains more tannic acid. Drinking tea when eating mutton will produce tannic acid protein, weaken the peristalsis of intestine, reduce the water content of stool, and then induce constipation.

2. Do not eat with vinegar

Sour vinegar has astringent effect, which is not conducive to the growth of Yang Qi in the body. Eating it with mutton will greatly reduce its warming effect.

3. Avoid eating with watermelon

Eating watermelon after mutton is easy to 'damage vitality'. This is because mutton tastes sweet and hot, while watermelon is cold, which is raw and cold. After eating, it not only greatly reduces the warming effect of mutton, but also hinders the spleen and stomach.

4. Avoid mutton for some diseases

Those who often suffer from erosion of the mouth and tongue, red eyes, bitter mouth, fidgety, dry throat, swollen gums, diarrhea, Pinellia ternate and Acorus tatarinowii in the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions should not eat mutton.

5. Do not eat with pumpkin

There are records in ancient Chinese medicine that mutton should not be eaten with pumpkin. This is mainly because mutton and pumpkin are warm food. If they are eaten together, they are easy to 'catch fire'. In the same way, when cooking mutton, you should also put less chilli, pepper, ginger, clove, fennel and other hot and spicy condiments.

What can't mutton be eaten with?

When eating mutton, pay attention to the food that should be avoided with mutton, so as not to cause harm to health.

1. Avoid eating mutton with pumpkin: it is easy to have beriberi, even feel chest tightness and abdominal distention, and have the feeling of indigestion.

2. Do not drink tea when eating mutton: it is easy to cause constipation. Mutton is rich in protein, which will react with tea to produce something called tannic protein, resulting in stool obstruction. So after eating mutton hot pot, don't drink tea immediately.

3. Mutton can't be eaten with vinegar: vinegar is the best match for cold food, but mutton is the opposite. It belongs to hot food, and the two should not be mixed. In addition, sour vinegar has a astringent effect, which is not conducive to the growth of Yang Qi in the body. Eating it with mutton will greatly reduce its warming effect. Therefore, when eating mutton hotpot, you should try to avoid dipping vinegar in other food.

4. Mutton can't be eaten together with pomelo and orange: mutton and Pomelo and orange are easy to have adverse reactions when they are eaten together. Pomelo and orange belong to hot fruit, which is easy to help heat and make fire when they are eaten together with mutton.

5. Mutton can't be eaten with chestnuts: mutton and chestnuts are not easily digestible food. It's not suitable to stew and stir fry them together. Even eating them together may cause vomiting.