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What's the best hairstyle for girls in 2019? New trend of female hair style in 2019

In 2018, I look forward to 2019. In an instant, 19 years have arrived, but it seems that I still stay in last year. The Spring Festival is coming soon. Who doesn't want to welcome it in the most beautiful way? How to change the new year? Naturally, it starts from the "head".

What's the new year's hair look good 2019

1. New year's new hair style, the popular hair style in 2019 still starts from the lazy wind curl popular in autumn and winter. The middle and long hair with micro curl at the end of the hair will continue the special leisure and comfort feeling in winter, and add a little fresh feeling at the same time. Staying in spring is also a bright sight. Chestnut brown hair color and popular oxygen bangs are also white and foreign.

2. Continuing the trend of deep hair color, medium and long hair is also a temperament hairstyle when encountering air feeling big volume, low-key and introverted without losing tenderness. Natural big volume and air bangs are also super age reduction. This sweet hairstyle is always the classic one in popular hairstyles, and is also the preferred hairstyle for round face girls.

3. The short hair with striking color is also one of the most worthwhile hairstyles in the new year. The short hair with medium split and the large volume of S-shape with clear texture create the light mature temperament in an instant. The short hair with dark coffee color is also a super fit for the light mature girl. The large volume of texture can help to weaken the flat sense of the facial features and make the whole hairstyle look thinner.

4. Hair tail C-shaped roll + eight character bangs is also a popular net red hair style in 2019. Turning out bangs can create a small face effect. The hair tail is buttoned with a lady of understanding. It is a super hair style that can modify the face shape and show the face small. Not many girls' hair is also suitable for perming this hair style. It can pull the whole visual center up and increase the effect to a certain extent.

5. What hairstyle does shoulder length hair cut look good? The upsurge of Xin Zhilei's hairstyle is still continuing in 2019. High-level tailoring and French bangs can beautify the face shape. I don't want to have a hairstyle like a aunt. The key is that the hair tail is cocked out. A positive and negative perm design makes the hair look lighter and more personalized. Compared with heavy tailoring, it's much younger.

6. In the popular hair styles in 2019, styling perm is also a must. The perm effect of this hair style is very natural, just like blowing it out. Through the adjustment of hair volume and hair retention, it can be said that all kinds of face shapes are matched. It is that the hair quality is more critical. If the hair root is too soft and prone to collapse, it may be permed out of this effect.

7. Just like styling perm, there is another kind of perm with the highest popularity in 2019, which is air cushion perm. The focus of this kind of perm is to perm the hair root, so that even those who are born with flat and soft hair can have a very fluffy hair style. A good trend of perm is the key to show a small face, that is, it is very troublesome to take care of in the later period. If a girl has a broken hand, she may lose her shape after sleeping. I don't know how to take care of it It is suggested to find a powerful Tony to blow out the shape for you.

8. What kind of bangs does the long hair perm wave roll look good with? To highlight the femininity, it's better to match the eight character bangs. Turning out the bangs and fluffy rolls give you a very modern feeling. Dark brown is also a super versatile color. Compared with brown, this color is black and yellow skin, which can also be controlled.

9. Long hair texture perm gives people a very formal feeling. It can also become immortal with long beard and bangs. This hair style is suitable for girls with more broken hair on the head. The overall effect should be a little younger if the hair is small and curly.

10. It's also a good-looking air cushion perm. Below the chin is a large curl of S-shape with great radian. The curly hair and big wave effect better fit the face shape, so that you who are born with big pie face can also change into a small melon face.