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Bath soap or shower gel

Bathing can clean the skin, and everyone can't do without bathing. When bathing, everyone must use cleaning products, some use bath gel, some friends choose soap. But is it better to use soap or shower gel when bathing? Let's compare them

Comfort level

Many people should have this experience: after washing with soap, the skin is particularly dry and tight, and after washing with bath solution, the skin feels smooth and comfortable. Therefore, when bathing, it is best to choose a mild, slightly acidic bath fluid to avoid excessive use of alkaline soap with strong cleaning power.

Cleaning ability

Soap is an improvement of soap, so its decontamination is certainly better than bath milk, but at the same time, the oil on the skin surface will be taken away by it, and the skin is easier to dry. In fact, it's not only the bath products that need to be noticed, but the simple bath actually contains the University's questions! If you don't wash them properly, you may even hurt your health!

Making ingredients

Soap is generally made of animal oil such as cattle or sheep, and other vegetable oil such as coconut oil, glycerin, olive oil, and finally coagulant. Shower gel is mainly made of stabilizer, soda and other chemical substances. Compared with the two, it is obvious that the pure natural raw materials of soap stimulate our skin less. While modern people pay attention to convenience and health, they should also reduce the corrosion of chemicals to us.

Different prices

Soap and shower gel are indispensable daily necessities. As a traditional cleaning product, soap is loved by the majority of small partners. But with the progress of society, the production and development of shower gel seems to be more powerful. Compared with soap, the price is generally cheaper, and there is a big advantage that it is particularly durable.