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What are the top ten classic comedies in the world? Top 10 classic comedies in the world

What kind of movie do you like best? Comedies should be the most acceptable movie type for the public. People who can drink their favorite when they have a rest can watch a comedy together, which brings the relationship closer unconsciously. Today, I'll give you a few top ranked comedies from Amway. Hurry up and live in the drama shortage.

10. The king of comedy

In fact, I like watching Stephen Chow's films very much. You can say that his films are meaningless. In fact, every time I watch his films, they are not just comedies. In fact, they have raised the simple funny to another level. In terms of this film, I think that his films convey the kind of care for small people in life. For this autobiographical film, Xingye has made great efforts to show the hesitation and persistence of an unknown little man in his struggle.

9. Disguised weirdo

"The disguised monster" is a magic comedy film in the United States, which was released in 1994. It tells the story of an ordinary bank employee's life changed dramatically after he picked up a magic mask, and thus changed his life. The movie is very popular, making Kim and Cameron Diaz famous.

8. Golden Rooster

This is a love movie, starring Wu Junru and Zhang Jiahui. It tells the story of a woman who started to make chicken at the age of 16. She shuttles to these rich parties every day and has a series of funny stories.

7. Escape from danger

I believe that many people have seen this movie, and have heard about it if they haven't seen it, because this movie is really famous, which can be said to be one of the representative comedies. The film, a war comedy, was released in France in 1966. You may say that the war is always sad, because of the addition of some elements of colleges and universities, this film is very distinctive in war movies.

6. Jingsheng Jianxiao series

This is an American film, a very classic comedy, directed by Kennan & middot; evory & middot; Waynes, starring Sean & middot; Waynes and others, which was released in 2000. The film mainly tells the story of six high school students covering up the accident, and some funny things happened.

5. Happy event in Huatian

This movie is still playing on the central 6 movie channel. It can be said that almost most people have seen it. It mainly tells the funny love story between several couples in Huatian country. Although there are ups and downs, the ending is good.

4. A journey to the West

It can be said that this movie is one of the most classic masterpieces of Xingye. When I was a child, I saw this movie. I thought it was funny before. I felt that monkey king came out. Now I grow up and see more of the love between him and Zixia. From the beginning, their identity is doomed to never be together.

3. Anti fighting eagle series

From the poster of the movie, we can see that the movie is very old and funny. The story makes a great mockery of the famous people and events in the real world, including Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Rambo in the first blood. All kinds of unexpected plots often make the audience laugh.

2. I'm crazy about Mary

"I'm crazy for Mary" is a comedy produced by twentieth century fox film company. It was released in 1998 in the United States. It's also a very old comedy. This movie can be said to be very successful. Some people say that some of the plots are vulgar. In fact, Xiaobian thinks it's some cold humor.

1. Two bar big gun

The film ranked first on the list. It was a comedy made by guy Middleton Ritchie himself. It was released in 1998 in England. It was very popular when it was released. So far, it has been searched by many fans.