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What are the precautions for the 2019 pig year? The whole fortune of the year of the pig

2019 is the year of the pig. This year is the year of the pig. What should be paid attention to in 2019? The year of the pig is the year of many people's life. What should be paid attention to in this year? Many people believe that the year of the pig must wear gold and silver, or even red underwear. Do you think this statement is reliable?

What should we pay attention to in 2019:

In 2019, five Huang Lianzhen stars, who are in charge of the blood light disaster, flew to the southwest of the five elements fire. Five Huang Lianzhen stars are in the five elements land, and they are very dangerous stars in the eight movements. If the layout is not correct, they will break the fortune and suffer from the blood light disaster.

2019 is the year of the pig, Taisui is in the northwest, and suipo is in the southeast. Special attention should be paid to these two positions. The northwest and South need to be kept clean all the year round. The disordered position of Taisui means disrespect to Taisui, which will have a negative impact on the wealth and health. If a friend of a pig in his family has a plan to excavate land in 2019, it is better not to carry out destructive operations in the southeast, northwest and other places. Of course, if construction matters cannot be avoided, it is necessary to find a auspicious time for earth breaking operations. After the excavation, some green plants can be placed in these two directions, which helps to stabilize the age and avoid disasters.

Friends who often need to drive need to pay attention to the impact of 'year-old driving'. This year, accidents are very easy to happen. If you are going out, you must focus on it and never let the bad star have a chance.

2019 is the year of the birth of the pig people. At that time, many elders will remind the pig people to wear some red clothes or red ornaments. In traditional Chinese culture, red is always a symbol of auspiciousness and festivity. Here, I want to remind all the pig people that the red rope of the year of the birth of the pig is best given by the elders at home, so that the best effect can be achieved by wearing it.

If you don't want to wear red clothes, you can wear transfer beads. Transfer beads are small oval beads made of gold, silver, jade and other raw materials. They are hollowed out in the middle and put on with red threads or necklaces. They can be worn on fingers, wrists or necks like rings. According to folklore, it means auspicious, transfer, and time goes by. It can be worn in the year of the original life I think that people can defuse evil spirits and bring good luck.

In addition to wearing transport beads to avoid disasters, friends belonging to pigs can also consider jade, which has always been considered as a spirit stone with aura, which can drive away evil spirits and avoid disasters, and turn evil spirits to prevent disasters. "Benmingfo" is jade. The life-long benmingfo of the Zodiac "pig" is: Amitabha Buddha, the leader of the pure land world of the Western bliss. He uses endless willpower to help all living beings, and will protect the superior situation of the pig people. Everything is smooth and happy all his life. Wearing this life Buddha has many functions such as turning Taisui, helping yunwangyun, helping students gain fame and so on.

It is suggested that the pig friends should do a good job in the preparation of huataisui at the beginning of 2019. Huataisui should do it as soon as possible without any delay and fluke. Do not wait for the bad stars to enter and affect the air luck before they start thinking of huataisui. At the beginning of the year, they can go to the surrounding temples to visit, which is conducive to the stable life of the year.

The overall situation of pig in 2019:

People who belong to pigs enter the year of 1911. Influenced by the age of Taisui, all aspects of life become volatile and turbulent. Career, financial and emotional fortune are all affected to some extent. With the help of yuede and auspicious stars, the development of pig people is relatively smooth, the position is expected to be promoted, the wealth and transportation will increase, and the income of Zhengcai will increase. But the danger of "plundering evil spirits" and "small consumption" is that the pig people should be careful of the danger of breaking their wealth this year. Spend wisely and live within your means. Emotionally, this year is not a good month for pig people. It's better to ask your friends to lead you. You have a better chance of success. In terms of health, we should pay more attention to the physical condition of the elderly at home because of the impact of death charms and the threat to family life.

Accurate prediction of money fortune of pig people in 2019:

Pig people have entered the life year of 2019, and their career is on the rise instead of falling. The overall situation is on the rise. Therefore, the wealth and fortune have also improved. The income of wealth and fortune mainly comes from the good fortune. It's hard earned money. It's very tiring and difficult. Fortunately, the two noble stars of "Yuelu" and "Yinlu" are in contrast. The pig people will finally get through the difficulties this year, but the influence of being too old can't be underestimated. The "little consumption" and "hijacking" evil stars are coming with a strong momentum. The probability of breaking the fortune increases dramatically. Be careful.