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What are the words suitable for new year's greetings? Sincere wishes for the new year

1. I wish you a new start, a new harvest, a happy new year and all the best in the New Year!

2. In this sunny Festival, I wish you a happy mood, warm family reunion, sweet love, never sad Pacific Ocean.

3. I wish you a happy new year and a happy new year. I wish you good luck and a happy new year. I wish you all the best!

4. I wish you great luck in the New Year! Your career will be better and better, everything will be better! Sparrows are handy and rich! Good health, good food, good sleep, happy family, congratulations on getting rich!

5. Forgive me for telling a stranger your mobile number. His name is Cupid. He wants to help me tell you. I only like you, I only care about you, I only wait for you.

6. Light friendship is very true, light attachment is very light, light missing is very deep, light blessing is the most true! I wish you a happy New Year!

7. I wish you in the new year: business is at noon, the body is strong as a tiger, money is countless, work is not hard, leisure like a mouse, romance like music, happiness is not your own!

8. It is said that lavender has four green leaves: the first is faith, the second is hope, the third is love, and the fourth is luck. Send you a lavender, wish you a happy New Year!

9. The spring breeze is full of you, the family cares for you, the love moistens you, the God of wealth is with you, the friend is loyal to you, I bless you, the lucky star is shining on you forever.

10. Another spring is coming. I wish you and me a happy new year. I wish you all the best!

11. Carry on the past and usher in the new year. Hold the golden cup to fill thousands of households in spring. Keep pace with the times to celebrate the new year. Spread the laughter to thousands of households.

12. New year, new things, new start, new starting point, new harvest. I wish you all the best in everything, a safe year, a happy spirit and a good Spring Festival.

13. I sincerely wish you peace, happiness and good health in the new year. I hope all your dreams can come true in the new year.

14. Happy New Year! Happy new year to you! We have had a very happy cooperation in the past year. Thank you for your care and wish you a happy Spring Festival! Good luck and success!

15. My dearest friend: may God bless you in this new year! Avalokitesvara protects you! God of wealth holds you! God of love shoots you! God of food kisses you!

16. I wish you the year of the pig: famous, auspicious, red and purple, show off your skills, red cannon, roar amazing, Malaysia first!

17. It takes three seconds for the stars to fall, one day for the moon to rise, one year for the earth to revolve, twenty-four hours for a person to think about, and a lifetime for a person to love, but only one second for a thoughtful blessing: Happy New Year!

18. Welcome the new year, say goodbye to the old, wish you new harvest in the new year, get rich and set foot on the Marlboro Road, climb the Hongta mountain for your career, surpass Ashima for your lover, and have wealth all over the Greater China

19. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I wish you and your family a happy, auspicious and healthy life, and a better future!

20. The least element in nature is AI (astatine), and the most is emotion (hydrogen). The combination of the two is love. I wish you a happy new year.