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How long can the wine last after opening? How to judge whether the wine is bad

Many people like to drink red wine, especially women. The taste of red wine is very mellow, and will not spicy voice, give a long aftertaste feeling, then the wine can be drunk after half a year? How long can the wine last after opening? Let's get to know.

How long does the wine last after opening the bottle

Generally speaking, from the opening of the cork, a lighter wine can be kept for up to 1 to 3 days, while a medium or heavy wine can be kept for up to 5 days.

Finish the wine as soon as possible after opening the bottle

No matter what kind of wine, proper amount of oxygen is beneficial to the wine, that is, it can not only improve the flavor of the wine, but also reduce the bitterness of the wine.

However, once the bottle is opened, the excessive contact with oxygen will make the wine's flavor quickly worse. Of course, if you can plug the wine back into the bottle in time after opening the bottle, the speed of wine oxidation can be delayed. So drink as soon as possible after opening the bottle to avoid losing the taste.

How to keep wine when it can't be drunk out

Vacuum pump

If you want to extend the life of a bottle of wine that has been opened, you need to buy some useful equipment. A more common one is the vacuum pump, which can extract the air from the bottle, reduce the contact between the liquor and the air, reduce the alcohol emission, and preserve the taste better.

Refrigerated storage

Cold storage of wine in the refrigerator can also help slow down the oxidation of wine, but no matter what you do, it can only increase the life of wine for a few days. A bottle of middle-class winery can be kept for a week or longer, and the temperature of the wine can be raised to room temperature before drinking, otherwise there will be no wine feeling.

Use small capacity bottle

The effect of reducing the contact surface between liquor and air can be achieved by pouring the unfinished liquor into a small wine bottle. If a bottle of wine is full of liquid and fresh and clean stoppers are used, it can be kept for several years. One thing to remember is not to use detergent or detergent to wash small capacity wine bottles, so as to avoid residual stains that may contaminate liquor.

Cheer up

Some inert gas can help protect the liquor from oxidation. Common devices can inject nitrogen and carbon dioxide into wine bottles. The inert gas covering the liquor can prevent the air from entering. This method can also be used to store the liquor in the decanter.

Notes on the preservation of Kaifeng wine

1. The wine plug should be tightly covered: in order to isolate the contact with the air and keep the delicious taste of the wine, the wine plug must be tightly covered.

2. Keep away from light and heat: no matter whether the wine has been opened or not, it should be placed away from the light source to avoid the change of wine flavor due to overheating.

3. Vertical storage: the wine that has been opened shall not be stored horizontally, and shall not be moved too much, so as to reduce the contact between wine and air.

How to judge whether the wine is bad

In fact, there is no rigid standard for whether a wine goes bad. People's tastes are different. Some people like sweet ones, some like sour ones. After a long time, the taste of a wine will turn sour. It doesn't rule out that some people prefer this kind of sour and sweet wine, so it's better to judge according to their own taste.

For a bottle of wine that has been placed for a long time, you can take a sip first and try the taste. If you like the taste, you can continue to drink it. If you feel sour and don't like the taste, don't force yourself. Throw it away