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What is the meaning of new year's Eve dinner? Why do we have the tradition of eating Chinese New Yea

When do you eat the new year's Eve dinner? As we all know, it's the thirties of the year, the day before the Spring Festival. On the evening of the new year's Eve, we have a custom of having a reunion dinner. The family get together and have a reunion dinner. Do you know the meaning of new year's Eve dinner? Why do we have the tradition of eating New Year's Eve dinner? Follow Xiaobian to learn.

The meaning of new year's Eve meal

In ancient times, the purpose of eating Chinese New Year's Eve meal was to pray for the blessing of the ancestors of God and to spend the last night of the lunar calendar safely. Because on New Year's Eve every year, when the ancient beast appeared, the appearance of Nian was ferocious and ferocious. It changed its taste every day, from kowtowing to living people. In order to keep the Spring Festival, every family will prepare dinner in advance, turn off the fire and clean the stove, and then fasten all the chicken pens and Cowpens, and then seal the gate of the house and hide in the house to eat "New Year's Eve dinner". Because this dinner has the meaning of auspicious and auspicious, so the house is very prosperous. In addition to the family's meals together to express peace and reunion, we must offer sacrifices to ancestors before eating, and pray for the ancestors of God to protect them to spend the night in peace.

The significance of new year's Eve meal: Inheriting Tradition

Of course, we now attach importance to the new year's Eve meal, that is, to the tradition, in order to inherit the traditional customs. Erya & bull; Shitian records: 'the year is the name of the harvest, and each year is ripe, so we take the year as the name, and take the year as the symbol of harvest, so we gather together to burn some good things for a meal, and this kind of celebration becomes the new year's Eve meal.

The meaning of new year's Eve meal: repay the kindness of nurturing

No matter how far we go all year round, it's hard to change the taste of hometown. A table of rich new year's Eve dinner tastes like a monk and a happy one. The annual reunion dinner shows the mutual respect and love of family members of the Chinese nation, which makes the relationship between families close. The old man is full of children. His past care and hard work in raising his children are not in vain, and the young can take this opportunity to show their parents the kindness of raising.

The meaning of new year's Eve meal: a day of family reunion

We all know that every new year's Day is a day of family reunion. No matter how far away we are from home, we will rush back before the new year's Eve dinner, and then the family will sit together to eat the new year's Eve dinner, and then we will be happy together to welcome the coming of the new year. The big new year's Eve is full of rich new year's dishes. The family get together, sit around the table, and have a reunion dinner together. It's hard to say how full they feel. So the new year's Eve dinner represents the reunion of a family, saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new.