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What materials should be prepared for business license? Detailed process of 2019 business license

The business license of the company refers to the basis on which the company obtains the legal operation right and is protected by law. It is not allowed to alter, lend or sublease the business license of others, let alone fake it. If there is no business license, the company is not able to operate normally, so what materials should be prepared for business license?

Materials to be prepared for business license

1、 Site selection.

1. The copy of the house ownership certificate (the property right belongs to the unit and needs to be stamped with the official seal of the property owner) and the seal or signature on the establishment registration form.

2. 'house use' must be 'non residential', otherwise it cannot be registered.

3. The original of the rent lease contract and the house rental for no less than 3 months.

4. Copy of ID card of individual homeowner.

2、 Shareholder ID card.

1. Original second generation ID card of all natural person shareholders.

2. Original and duplicate of business license of all shareholders, original of state and local tax, original of code, original of account opening permit, original of ID card of legal representative and official seal

3、 Registered capital.

1. Deposit the capital into each shareholder's bank account according to the amount of capital contribution (generally located in industrial and Commercial Bank of China, with an additional deposit of 100 yuan)

2. Our staff will go to the bank with you to go through the capital entry formalities. This involves the safety of your funds, so you need to be present in person; this is the only thing you need to be present to handle, and all other matters unrelated to the funds can be fully represented by us.

4、 Determine the legal representative, manager and supervisor.

1. The legal representative and manager can be the same person.

2. If the legal representative, manager and supervisor are not shareholders, they also need to provide copies of ID cards.

3. Resume of the legal representative from the age of 18 to now, one inch recent certificate.

5、 Determine business scope.

Please fill in the business scope according to the facts, and we will modify it for you according to the requirements of the Bureau of industry and commerce.

6、 The company's fixed line telephone, mobile phone, zip code and street.

If there is no company fixed line, please leave another fixed line that can contact you.

7、 Copies of ID card, accounting card and contact number of accounting personnel.

We have obtained a complete set of information on behalf of your registered company:

1. Original and duplicate of business license;

2. Original and copy of tax registration certificate;

3. Original and copy of organization code certificate;

4. Five official seals: special seal for contract, special seal for bleaching, special seal for name of person, special seal for finance;

5. Articles of association, capital verification report;