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What are the advantages of skiing in winter? These six benefits make you fall in love with skiing

Today, skiing is not only a hobby of professional athletes, it has entered the world of ordinary people, and become a fashionable, healthy lifestyle, people can enjoy the release of their own skiing.

What are the benefits of skiing in winter?

1、 Skiing -- flexing your body

Skiing is a whole body sport, which can exercise and improve the nervous system in an all-round way. It not only brings you speed enjoyment, but also exercises your balance, coordination and flexibility. In the process of skiing, it needs the cooperation of all joints of the body to achieve the best balance effect in skiing. Therefore, almost all joints in skiing can play a better role in exercise, activate the rigid body, and enhance the flexibility of the body.

2、 Enhance cardiopulmonary function

Skiing belongs to aerobic sports. Skiing in winter, when people exercise in the cold air outside, the test of the body's oxygen transport system will be greater, and the ability of cardiovascular contraction and expansion will be exercised more invisibly to enhance the cardiopulmonary function.

3、 Mobilize emotions and relieve 'winter depression'

Some people will become depressed, depressed, fatigued, distracted and inefficient in winter. Experts call this seasonal disease "winter depression". The most basic way to change depression is activity, especially outdoor activity. Outdoor skiing is the right medicine. People who have tried "skiing to relieve their worries" feel a lot of burden in their heart after every time they finish skiing, especially when they are fast skiing, the sense of relaxation can not be described in words. Regardless of the length and frequency of sports, skiing can not only improve the overall happiness and well-being, but also have a spleen benefit for personal physical and mental health.

4、 Promote deep sleep

Try a new sport and you'll feel exhausted, especially if you're fully mobilized. In the extreme fatigue, the brain and body will want to get a good rest, I believe that after a day of skiing, you will feel sleepy when you touch the pillow!

Five, lose more fat

Skiing, like running and swimming, belongs to aerobic sports. For those who want to lose weight, skiing is a good sport. According to the test, a skier with normal speed consumes 734 calories an hour, which is equivalent to the exercise consumption of running 9.5km in an hour.

6、 Enhance learning ability

Learning is good for us. Learning new skills after middle age can delay the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. Trying to learn new techniques like skiing will reduce the risk of aging related symptoms and diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Have you learned the six benefits of skiing? There are so many benefits of skiing. Why not take advantage of the good spring light, the good spring snow, and make an appointment with friends and relatives to experience the charm of skiing together?