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What's the first time you cook in your new house? Precautions for the first time cooking in a new ho

Since ancient times in China, there has been an old saying that "food is the most important thing for the people". Chinese people pay special attention to food, so what is the emphasis on cooking when they move to a new house for the first time? Let's have a look.

The first meal of moving to a new house is exquisite

1. The first meal I had in my new home was liaozao, also known as "liaoguodi".

2. In the north, when moving to new houses, there is a traditional custom of "burning the pot". The first is the day of relocation, which is generally set at the time when the sun just turns red on the third, sixth and ninth morning of the lunar calendar, because people think it's a good day in Great Australia. Secondly, when moving, everything can be moved first, only the iron pot must be moved last. When carrying the iron pot, we need to brand a big pot of steamed bun. This steamed bun should be first baked on the old pot, then tightly covered and wrapped around the pot with a red head rope. In the sound of 'crackling' firecrackers, it should be moved into the new kitchen, turned over and continued to be baked. Then stir fry and cook. At this time, the villagers came to congratulate, eating the burnt yellow pot helm bun, drinking the celebration wine, eating seven dishes and eight bowls while pulling the family routine. At this time, the room was full of laughter and joy.

3. It is said that this is to bring the joy and wealth of the old house into the new house through setting the day, burning the bottom of the pot and burning the pot helmet. Let it be connected with the new happiness and wealth of the new house. In the future, the family will live a happy life.

4. The custom of "liaoguodi" has added new contents with the changes of the times, which is also of positive significance to deepen the feelings of villagers and establish good neighborly relations.

Precautions for the first meal in the new house

1: Questions from invited guests

What's the point of the first meal? As a major event in life, the first meal needs to invite some close relatives and friends to visit. First, share the joy of moving with the host. Second, it can also increase the popularity of the new home, which means that the host's life will be hot and bustling in the future. So we'd better invite more people to our first meal to avoid the situation of being cold and clean on the first day.

2: Food problems

Because many families are very tired on the first day of moving, they sometimes choose to order takeout or eat some simple cold food. This is a taboo for the first meal in moving. The first meal of moving must be cooked at home. Because many relatives and friends come to congratulate on the first day of moving, it is very impolite to call takeout or eat cold food .

What's more, since ancient times, China has always believed that cooking on the first day of moving can foretell the future life of the host's family can live a happy life. Therefore, the first meal of moving must be cooked in the new home.

3: Food for the first day of moving

As for the foods that indicate good omens that need to be eaten on the first day of moving, in fact, there will be some differences in different places, but there are many things in common, such as noodles, which indicates that the future life can be smooth and profitable, and some places will eat some fried eggs with red pepper, which indicates that the future life can be red and hot, food and clothing can be worry free, of course, Xiang Mantou also It is the most choice of the people in the north, which indicates that the future can be prosperous.