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The price of harrow bike monthly pass has gone up again! Netizens can't afford to call "45.9 yuan mo

Recently, many netizens have reported that the price of harrow bicycle monthly card has increased again! Netizens call Xiaolan car 45.9 yuan monthly card can't afford it! Some users receive a text message from harrow bicycle, which roughly means that harrow moped has become a dollar and ten minutes since September 28. Let's have to wonder if we will continue to increase the price next time? Will the little blue car be more and more difficult to get on?

About a year ago, the small yellow car sea of ofo was quite popular. Since when did it become popular, our bike rental boom began. Later, Moby bike, and now harrow, there are many kinds of green orange bikes. Harrow bicycle is a relatively late one. In the first tier and second tier cities where ofo and Mobai have already crossed, harrow bicycle should be very difficult to survive. However, he cleverly grasped one point, that is, using the credit rating of Alipay platform to avoid the deposit. As soon as this policy came out, it began to be widely used. Because the Alipay thigh was clutching tightly, so the Haro bike began to take root in the city. The first one is the third and fourth tier cities, because ofo and Moby in these places don't care to come in, and then step by step to develop into the first and second tier cities. Up to now, most of the shared bikes in the first and second tier cities are all our blue harrow.

Just when we thought that harrow would always be so cheap, other shared bicycle companies began to be weak, because there were too few users, and a large number of users began to rent out to use Alipay bicycles. Once the capital chain broke, the trauma to these companies was extremely huge.

Although Xiaobian likes harrow bikes very much, once the price rises, everything is different from before. Just like didi at the beginning, there was Uber in competition at that time. The two companies pinched each other. At last, our consumers and our drivers made profits. Later didi bought Uber, and the two companies merged. There were no coupons, and Didi's drivers began to draw more. When a company becomes a monopoly company, we as consumers have no right to choose, and there will be no special market for pricing, which is totally based on the feeling of the company.

Later, Didi began to raise prices in various ways, almost like a normal taxi. But for didi driver's smoking, it's dark and terrible. I don't know if the last harrow bike will repeat the same thing, but I hope that harrow bike has a little conscience, otherwise it will happen again when didi wall falls and everyone pushes.