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How to set the new wechat alarm? List of new wechat alarm setting process

If there are important meetings or important things to do, we can set an alarm in wechat. How to set the new wechat alarm clock? New version of wechat alarm clock reminder setting process at a glance.

Method / step:

Open the mobile wechat, click to open the dialog box, and inform the office group to have a meeting at 3pm.

Long press this message, and select reminder in the pop-up settings.

After clicking open, there will be a set time reminder to select the appropriate time

If it is the same day, set the time after today, and then press the settings below to remind.

If it's the next day, you can also set the date and time. After all, you will forget it after these days, so it's necessary to set the alarm clock to remind you.

If it's not needed, it's the same as the above operation. Click reminder settings, and then click Cancel.