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What do women need to pay attention to in hot springs? These three types of women are not suitable f

When winter comes, hot spring has become the choice of people's leisure and health preservation. After work, it's not very happy to go to the beautiful resort for the first half of the day with family and friends. Especially when it's snowy, soak your body in hot spring water and watch the flying snow. Don't mention how intoxicating. I believe that no girl doesn't like hot springs. But women should pay attention to hot springs. What should women pay attention to when they go to hot springs?

Three notes for women in Hot Springs

Experts explain: hot springs can relieve pressure and kill bacteria, which is a common sense known by all. Some patients with skin diseases even choose hot springs for treatment. But there are exceptions: generally, hot spring water does not infect vaginitis, because hot spring water is sterile, but if the temperature drops below 40 & deg; C, it may cause bacterial growth. In addition, if women stay in hot springs for too long, it is easy to damage the normal pH and probiotic ecology in the vagina, which makes the vagina susceptible to infection and inflammation.

In view of the special physiological structure of women, it is suggested that women should keep three points in mind: first, women should not spend too long in hot springs, they should leave water every 15-20 minutes, rest for a while and add water, otherwise it is easy to cause acid-base imbalance of vagina and inflammation; Secondly, women should not soak in hot springs at or before or after their physiological period, when their resistance is weakened and they are easy to be infected with diseases such as wind chill; finally, they should not soak in hot springs at the beginning and end of pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to cause premature birth or even abortion.

Three kinds of women are not suitable for hot springs

1. No hot springs during and before menstruation

Menstruation and menstruation before two days, menstruation after three days should not be hot springs. For women, the normal vaginal environment is self cleansing. 'there are a lot of bacteria in the vagina. Under normal circumstances, they are in balance with each other and there will be no inflammation. The most important factor to maintain the balance is lactobacillus, which can produce hydrogen peroxide and has the function of disinfection and bacteriostasis. 'this balance will be broken before and after menstruation. If you take a hot spring at this time, it will promote the growth of bacteria and cause inflammation.

2. Pregnant women and planned pregnant women should not take hot springs

'hot springs are absolutely forbidden for pregnant women in the first three months and the last three months of pregnancy. Because the early pregnancy embryo is more sensitive to external stimulation, such as too high temperature, the probability of chromosomal problems increases, which is easy to cause teratogenesis. In the late three months of pregnancy, the hot spring environment is likely to break the balance of women's vaginal environment, which may cause premature delivery. 'even sharing a room is not allowed, let alone hot springs?' women in the late pregnancy should not take it lightly. Some people may ask, is hot spring allowed in the middle of pregnancy? Lin Yun said, for the sake of safety, it is recommended that pregnant women do not go to hot springs, in addition, bathing at home should also be prohibited.

In addition, women who plan to get pregnant should not go to hot springs. In fact, too high temperature has an impact on the quality of sperm and eggs. Moreover, if you are pregnant without knowing it, it is easy to cause abortion and other risks.

3. No hot spring after gynecological operation

It is also not suitable for women to take hot springs after gynecological operation because such operation artificially interferes with the balance in vagina. Lin Yun said that hot springs should not be used for two weeks after the operation. There are also induced abortion (including drug flow). You can't take a hot spring in one month after operation, while you can't take a hot spring in two months after cervical conization, and you can't take a bath in the bathtub.