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Who are the most donating philanthropists in China? Forbes China Charity ranking

Charity should be all action, no matter ordinary people or rich people. The donated items are equally valuable and cheap. It is important to be within your own ability. The domestic charity system is not sound enough, and foreign rich donations can be tax reduced, while there is no similar system in China, and the rich people do charity by self-consciousness. In this case, the philanthropists who can persist in charity are worthy of respect.

Forbes magazine will rank domestic philanthropists once a year. The statistical basis is the public data that can be found. This list is very interesting. Six of the top 10 on the list are related to the real estate industry. The real estate industry is the most 'benevolent' industry in China, followed by only two rich people from the new economic field. It seems that it is a traditional industry The top ten are Xu Jiayin, he henjian, Zhang Jianbin, Ma Huateng, Wang Jianlin, Yang Guoqiang, Lu Zhiqiang, Huang Qisen, Liu qiangdong and Zhang Lei. Among them, Xu Jiayin, he Hanjian, Wang Jianlin, Yang Guoqiang, Lu Zhiqiang and Huang Qisen are all related to the real estate industry.

Xu Jiayin is the founder of Evergrande group. His personal wealth is about 200 billion yuan. His donation amount is the highest of 4.2 billion yuan. Xu Jiayin is from Henan Province. His hometown is very poor. After he developed, Xu Jiayin donated a lot of money to his hometown. Only three or four schools were donated, all of which are of high standard. Xu Jiayin is also very important for the poor areas outside his hometown Note: for example, in Bijie, Guizhou Province, Evergrande has invested 11 billion yuan in the local area. Xu Jiayin will earn money and spend money. He has set a good example among the rich in China.

The he henjian family, ranking the second, comes from Midea holdings. Many people think Midea only makes household appliances. In fact, Midea also makes real estate. Midea real estate is a Hong Kong listed company with a market value of nearly 20 billion Hong Kong dollars. It belongs to a real estate company with a medium to high market value. Of course, the main wealth of the he henjian family comes from Midea Group, whose market value is close to 2 With an annual operating revenue of more than 200 billion yuan and 50 billion yuan, he henjian is the largest home appliance company in China. He henjian's family is keen on public welfare. His donation amount is 1.09 billion yuan, a considerable part of which has been invested in the charitable foundation he founded.

Yang Guoqiang is relatively low-key among the rich in China, but the country garden he founded is very famous. At present, the market value of country garden is close to HK $200 billion. It is one of the top three real estate enterprises in China. Yang Guoqiang's low-key is famous in the industry. In 2007, Yang Guoqiang gave his shares in country garden to his second daughter Yang Huiyan, so that he could not find them on the rich list In the name of Yang Guoqiang, but Yang Guoqiang is not low-key in charity. In October this year, Yang Guoqiang's Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation donated 2.2 billion yuan to Tsinghua University, creating a new record of the amount of donations from domestic universities, which is only part of his charity. He also founded Guohua Memorial Middle School, Guangdong country garden vocational college, Guoliang vocational training school and other public welfare schools, He is also the honorary president of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce.

Wang Jianlin is familiar to all, and his son Wang Sicong may be more familiar to all. Although Wanda Group founded by Wang Jianlin is transforming to light assets in the past two years, he still hasn't stopped his pace of charity. According to the data on the list, Wang Jianlin's donation is 77000000, which is equivalent to the investment of two or three five-star hotels and Wang Jianlin's charity activities habits In terms of industrial poverty alleviation, because Wanda itself is a cultural industry, through the commercial development of tourism resources and cultural resources in poor areas, it can actually play a good role in poverty alleviation. For example, Wanda has invested 700 million yuan in Danxia to build a tourism town of Danxia Wanda, which directly and indirectly drove 10000 people out of poverty. In addition, Wanda has also built Wanda vocational technology The University gives priority to the graduates, who are said to have a fairly high salary.

Lu Zhiqiang is the first one of these rich people to become famous. In 1988, the registered capital of China Oceanwide holdings established by Lu Zhiqiang was 4 billion yuan. However, in the last century, the 4 billion yuan at that time and the 4 billion yuan at present were not a concept at all. Through decades of entrepreneurship, Lu Zhiqiang built a huge 'oceanwide system', including the mainland, Hong Kong and Australia His personal wealth is up to 24 billion yuan, and his charitable activities are mostly concentrated in the field of poverty-stricken education. Huang Qisen is the founder of Taihe Group. Taihe Group is a real estate company founded in Fujian Province, with a market value of about 20 billion yuan. Similar to Midea real estate, Huang Qisen's charitable activities are mainly focused on medical care and education. He has donated 200 million yuan to Tongji University and Tsinghua University respectively, and also invested 300 million yuan to build a modern college for Fuzhou No.1 middle school. The list shows that His donation is 650 million yuan.

Although there is a charity ranking every year, it needs to be voluntary to do charity. It's not a good social atmosphere to force others to donate. There is a saying in ancient China that "when we reach the goal, we will benefit the world, when we are poor, we will be alone". I hope more and more people in our society will devote themselves to charity.