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What movies are suitable for children? Movies for adults and children

Children's education has always been an important problem for all parents. It is also necessary for parents to carefully select what kind of films to choose for their children. Good children's films can teach children to know what is love and beauty. Let children keep hope, dream and have confidence and courage. Today, Xiaobian will recommend some excellent children's films to you. Each film is worth discussing and watching with parents and children.

The spring of the cowherd

Plot of the film: in 1949, in rural France, musician Clement went to a male boarding school called tanglow as an assistant teacher. Most of the students in the school are difficult problem children. Corporal punishment is common here. The school principal only cares about his own future and is cruel and oppressive. Clement tried to improve this situation in his own way. He recreated his music works, organized a choir, and decided to use music to open the closed hearts of students. Clement found that Pierre bull mauanqi, a student, had an unusual talent for music, but when he grew up in a single parent family, he was extremely sensitive and withdrawn. At the same time, his feelings with Pierre's mother gradually became more subtle.

Film highlights: music education changes problem children

2. E.T. aliens

Plot of the film: Little Elliott finds a little alien who is lost by accident. He secretly takes in the little alien and introduces him to his brother and sister. The children get on well with the aliens. Gradually Elliott and the aliens formed a kind of wonderful connection, crossing the barrier of speech communication. But before long, the existence of aliens was known by adults, and relentless pursuit began. ET was caught in the lab and little Elliott couldn't get sick. The children were angry. They spontaneously organized to rescue the aliens.

Movie highlights: et lets people see the pure side of the world, only sincere, friendship across the planet.

3. Little devil in charge

Plot: the annual Christmas is coming again. The family was busy going out for the Christmas holiday, but they made a mistake and left Kevin, 8, the youngest member of the family, at home. Mom and dad are in a hurry, but now they are out of town and have no choice. It's because Kevin is so happy that he seldom stays at home alone. Kevin has arranged his home as an amusement park. The two thieves who just got out of jail looked at Kevin's house. When they sneaked into Kevin's house, Kevin played a game with two stupid thieves with his eye-catching and amusement park mechanism, which made him laugh. Can Kevin win the game in the end?

What's the point of the film: smart kid is clever at stupid thief, which makes you laugh to the end.

4. Fox and me

Plot: the little girl meets a beautiful fox in the forest and tries to be a friend with it. The animal actors in the film are domesticated. French children's films, and Hollywood different warmth.

A ten-year-old girl ran into a fox catching a vole on her way to school. The girl was fascinated by the beautiful fox. After school, she went back to the forest and hoped to see the fox again. From autumn to winter, the girl looks for hellip; hellip; along the fox's footprints in the thick snow. Later, the fox takes the little girl on a wonderful forest adventure. The reason for recommendation is the movie that can hear the heartbeat quietly. It tells a simple story quietly, with little plot to tell, but it hits the heart.

Movie highlights: quiet and simple, but can warm people.

5. Butterfly

Plot: Lisa, an 8-year-old single parent girl, likes to ask all kinds of childish questions. My neighbor's grandfather and son have passed away. They are eccentric and have a habit of collecting butterfly specimens. One day, Lisa broke into grandpa's secret room and found colorful butterfly specimens. Grandpa also said that he would go to the mountain to collect a butterfly called Isabella. Lisa was very happy to go on an expedition with Grandpa. She wished she could follow grandpa to see butterflies flying all over the world. Along the way, Lisa gave grandpa a lot of trouble, because she had endless questions, but also let go of the butterfly grandpa picked. Lisa fell into a cave. Grandpa was in a hurry and found a lifeguard. Their friendship and affection are integrated with the beautiful nature.

Movie highlights: friendship, kinship and beautiful nature

6. A couple born in heaven

The plot of the film: a pair of twin sisters were brought to California by their father Nick and London by their mother Lisa because their parents divorced in the early years. Therefore, they never met each other or even knew each other's existence. However, many years later, fate cleverly let them meet in the summer camp. The two sisters were pleasantly surprised. They decided to do everything to help their parents, including changing identities, and designing girlfriends to scare away their father, which caused a lot of jokes.

Film highlights: typical American family light comedy, full of joy, funny, warm from the beginning to the end.

7. Peter Pan

Plot: Wendy is a little girl who dreams of flying and leaving her oppressive home. One dark night, a mysterious shadow appeared in front of the children's window. Originally, this is Peter Pan, the little flying hero. He lives in dreamland with the little fairy. His lonely life makes him hope to find new friends to play with. Little Feixia takes Wendy to Neverland, and Wendy and them settle down. The children are very happy to explore and play games with the little Feixia. However, the happy day was destroyed by the captain of the pirate iron hook. The captain of the pirate hook took a group of pirates to the island. Xiaofeixia bravely stood up to fight with captain tiegou after his good friends were attacked by pirates.

Film highlights: always be a child, can have a colorful dream, bloom innocent smile, reveal naive words, not disturbed by troubles, not worried about tomorrow.

8. Thousand and thousand

Plot of the film: Qianxun and his parents drove to their new home together. They accidentally entered the mysterious tunnel on the road in the countryside. They went to another strange world and became pigs! Qianxun fled in a hurry. A man named Xiaobai saved her. Later, in order to save Xiaobai, she embarked on her adventure.

Film highlights: the story is moving and philosophic. The above is the film recommended by Xiaobian to you. I believe that many friends have seen some of the films, but Xiaobian believes that the classic is immortal. The reason why it can become a classic is that it can still be loved by everyone after the development of time, and it will not be out of date. Every time you watch it, you will feel new. That's exactly what these eight films are like. Winter vacation is coming soon. Collect it first and then it will look!