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What is the health effect of living place? Check the effect and function of birthplace

The root is fleshy and yellow when fresh. It is fresh or dry. It has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood, benefiting Yin and promoting body fluid. It's used for warm disease and hot blood. It's strong, hot and faint, dry mouth and crimson tongue. It's like Qingying soup. What is the health effect of living place? Come to check the effect and function of Shengdi.

Method / step:

Raw Rehmannia tastes sweet and cold. Return to the heart, liver, kidney channel. Clearing heat and cooling blood, nourishing yin and promoting body fluid.

It is used for hot tongue, yin deficiency and internal heat, bone steaming and tiring heat, internal heat and thirst quenching, spot and rash.

It is used for emesis, bleeding, hemostasis and anticoagulation.

Rehmannia aqueous extract can inhibit the growth of many fungi, such as tinea versicolor, Trichophyton gymnoides, Trichophyton laniformis and o'douin

Three liters of rehmannia juice, two parts of Scutellaria, one part of ginger and half a spoon of white honey. This is the last medicine. It's made of Scutellaria and ginger. It's fried to six points with a large cup of water. To dregs, the time into rehmannia, honey, more fried in three or two boiling. Regardless of time, divide the temperature into two clothes.

Treatment of fever, first feeling of restlessness, headache, lumbago and foot pain

One or two rhinoceros horn, eight liang of raw rehmannia, three liang of peony, two liang of peony skin. Pan fried, three servings

In the treatment of typhoid febrile disease, sweating should be avoided, and blood should be stored inside. In addition, bleeding from the nose and spitting should be prevented. There are blood stasis, yellow face and black stool