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Who are the top 500 in 2018? How about the specific performance of Chinese companies

the latest Fortune 500 list is published annually, and the latest Fortune 500 list is published. The latest announcement of the world top 500 2018! Who are the top 500 in 2018? What is the specific performance of Chinese companies?

Fortune Global 500 ranking has always been the most famous and authoritative list to measure the development level of global large companies, and an important indicator reflecting the strength, scale and international influence of world-famous enterprises.

The selection criteria of Fortune 500 mainly include five items:

The first is sales revenue. In addition to taking profits, assets, shareholders' equity and number of employees as reference indicators, the most common and main standard of fortune is the sales revenue of enterprises.

Second, the statistical data of enterprises must have high transparency. Fortune requires that the data of all candidates must be made public.

The third is independent corporate governance.

The fourth is the United States dollar.

The fifth is to declare the relevant information within the prescribed time.

Compared with the previous year, the total operating revenue of the 500 companies on the list this year is nearly US $30 trillion, an increase of 8.3% year-on-year; the total profit reaches a record US $1.88 trillion, an increase of 23% year-on-year; the sales rate of return reaches 6.3%, and the net asset rate of return reaches 10.9%, both exceeding last year. According to fortune, the operating conditions of the world's largest companies are improving significantly.

However, compared with the data in recent years, the two indicators of sales return and return on net assets of listed Chinese companies are on the downward channel. In 2015, the return on sales and return on net assets of the listed Chinese companies were 5.6% and 10.7% respectively, while the two figures fell to 5.1% and 8.9% respectively in 2017.

So what is the specific performance of Chinese companies?

China's fastest growing

In 2018, the number of Listed Companies in China reached 120, an increase of 5 on a year-on-year basis, which has maintained the growth for the 15th consecutive year. The number of Chinese companies on the list is second only to the United States (126), far more than Japan (52).

In terms of ranking changes, among the 500 companies, China's national energy investment group rose the fastest this year, jumping 175 places.

It is worth mentioning that eight of the top ten companies that jumped the fastest are from China. Except for the state energy investment group, the other seven are Alibaba (up 162), Tencent (up 147), Shandong energy group (up 138), Xiamen International Trade (up 134), Midea (up 127), Xiamen Jianfa (up 126), and Country Garden (up 1) 14).

Among them, Alibaba, Tencent and country garden only entered the world top 500 list for the first time in 2017.

Top 10 and new

In 2018, the top three Chinese companies on the list are state grid, Sinopec and PetroChina, ranking the same as last year; the fourth to tenth are CSCEC, Hon Hai Precision, ICBC, Ping An insurance, China Construction Bank, SAIC Group and Agricultural Bank of China, ranking slightly different from last year.

This year, 13 Chinese companies were listed for the first time: China Merchants Group, cedar holdings, Xiangyu Group, Yankuang Group, Angang Group, Shougang Group, Weichuang group, Taiwan Zhongyou, China Taiping Insurance Group, Fubang Financial Holdings, Taikang Insurance Group, Henan Nengyuan chemical group, Qingdao Haier.

Among them, the industry with the largest number of new listed companies is insurance (3), while Qingdao Haier is the only one in China in the electronic and electronic equipment industry.

Banks: most industries on the list

In the world's top 500, the largest industry on the list is bank: commercial savings (51), China is no exception.

There are 10 Chinese banks on the list, namely industrial and Commercial Bank of China, construction bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, industrial bank, Minsheng Bank and Everbright Group, which are more than 8 American banks on the list.

Among them, SPDB's operating revenue was 46.295 billion US dollars, ranking from 245 to 227, with the fastest increase.

It is worth mentioning that the average profit of 10 Chinese banks is as high as US $17.9 billion, far higher than the profit level of all listed Chinese companies (US $3.1 billion), and the total profit of these 10 banks accounts for 50.7% of the total profit of 111 listed companies in mainland China.

In addition to the financial sector, China's top industries are 19 energy, oil refining, mining companies and 14 real estate, engineering and construction companies.

Real estate companies are all from China

It is worth noting that in this year's top 500 list, all listed real estate companies are from China, namely country garden, Evergrande, Vanke, Poly Group and Greenland holdings.

Among the five real estate enterprises, Evergrande ranked first with us $46.019 billion in operating revenue; Country Garden ranked last with us $33.572 billion in operating revenue, but its growth was the fastest, ranking 114 places higher than last year.

The only private car enterprise in China

In this year's auto manufacturing sector, China has seven companies on the list, while the United States has only two companies, general motors and Ford. The seven Chinese auto companies are SAIC, Dongfeng, BAIC, FAW, GAC, Geely Holding and Jardine.

Among them, Geely Holding is the only private car enterprise on the list in mainland China. The company has crossed the threshold of one million sales in the past year, ranking the first in the domestic industry in terms of sales growth and the leaping range of the top 500. Geely holdings also rose from 343 to 267 on the list.

120 listed enterprises in China

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