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How can wechat register multiple small accounts? Wechat account registration steps

Now people can't do without mobile phones and wechat. I believe everyone needs more than one wechat, but it's a headache that one mobile phone number can only register one wechat. It's not good to untie the mobile phone number and register again. How can wechat register multiple small numbers? Wechat account registration method steps at a glance.

Method / step:

First, open your wechat account, which is the wechat registered with your mobile phone number. Click & rarr; settings & rarr; Account number and security. At this time, you will see our mobile phone number bound by wechat. Click on the mobile phone number. At this time, you can't unbind it. You can't apply for wechat again. Now let's teach you how to make this mobile phone number apply for a new wechat. Let's start. Then watch

Click to open the cell phone number to display the options of uploading the address book and changing the cell phone number. Then we click to change the cell phone number, and fill in another [standby] cell phone number that can receive SMS (which can be filled in by mom and Dad, aunts and aunts). After the change is successful, our cell phone number has been successfully unbound, and has been rejected. (note that this micro signal must be bound Set the QQ number or QQ email, or set the wechat, just finish one of them, to avoid that the mobile phone can't be unbound and log in.) then you can use this mobile phone number to apply for a new wechat,

Someone will think that my wechat account is bound to someone else's cell phone number. Don't panic and keep looking down

How can I recover my wechat account after it is bound to someone else's cell phone number? Open the wechat of the owner of this cell phone number, click my & rarr; settings & rarr; account and security & rarr; cell phone number, and then it appears that you haven't bound your cell phone number. Click bind cell phone number, and fill in this other person's cell phone number to recover.

If you haven't signed up for wechat, it's OK. Open your wechat account, repeat the above steps, and bind your mobile phone number, then other people's mobile phone number will be unbound (Note: you need to set wechat for the applied account, or bind QQ, or email address). You'd better not do this right away. The mobile phone number will be bound to the account again, and the application account will be limited to log in and need to be unsealed , it is better to change the mobile phone number to a large one for a period of time.

The applied small number is completely a new micro signal. As long as it is well maintained, it will never be blocked. This method can only be used once a month, because wechat restricts a mobile phone number to apply for a micro signal only once in the same month

matters needing attention:

This method can only be used once a month. Do not bind the cell phone number back to the original large number immediately after applying for the small number, otherwise the login will be restricted