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What are the precautions for buying a house? Notice on the procedures of buying a house

In 2018, house prices fluctuated. It's not easy to be a house slave. You can't follow blindly or miss the opportunity to buy a house. Personal purchase is for two purposes: to live with the whole family, or to gain value. What are the precautions for buying a house? What should I pay attention to when I buy a house.

What are the precautions for buying a house?

1. Pay attention to housing property rights

The first thing buyers need to know is the ownership of the houses they buy. For houses with unclear ownership of property rights or unsettled disputes over property rights, it is necessary to treat them carefully when purchasing, rather than involve in them.

2. Pay attention to the price of the house

When looking at the price comparison, first of all, we need to find out what the price of each item is, some are 'opening price', that is, the base price; some are 'average price'; some are 'higher limit price'; some are the whole set price, some are the price of the built-in area & hellip; & hellip; The most important thing is to find out (or convert) the actual price of the selected house, because these house prices vary greatly, and it will affect your judgment if you don't understand them.

3. Pay attention to the location and environment of the house

The environment of the house directly affects the convenience of life and the profit of the house. Some of the more remote areas, if the government plans to vigorously develop, it has a lot of room for appreciation.

4. Pay attention to house design

At present, a large proportion of commercial houses are vacant due to poor design. For housing design, buyers mainly consider two aspects: one is the size of the area, the other is the internal pattern. Both of these aspects should take into account the actual economic conditions and family characteristics, but also leave considerable room for the future.

5. You can't just buy cheap ones

It's just for a low price. Everyone knows that there is no good or cheap product. You must be valuable. And the real estate market will always be: cheaper and cheaper, more expensive forever. Be sure to buy better. It's easy to add value or change hands in the future. If you really don't have money on hand, it's also a liability asset to buy a bad one.

6. Pay attention to the purchase contract

In the contract, the time limit for performance, liability for breach of contract and compensation for breach of contract shall be clearly defined, so as to avoid delay in delivery of commercial housing caused by the developer due to capital or other reasons and avoid disputes in payment.

7. Pay attention to housing and property

In addition to getting to know the property management status of the housing supporting facilities from the owners in advance, we should carefully review the content of the Property Management Convention, and understand the scope, charging standards and methods of the property management in detail, so as to avoid disputes in the collection of management fees and the service items to be set in the future.

8. Pay attention to housing qualification examination

According to the relevant regulations of the state, the Seller shall show the "five certificates" and "two books" of the property when purchasing the house. "Five permits", i.e. the approval documents of the project establishment and feasibility study of the Planning Commission, the construction land planning permit of the Planning Bureau, the land use permit of the Land Bureau (proving that the seller has paid the land transfer fee and owned the property right certificate), the construction start permit of the Construction Commission, and the pre-sale permit of commercial housing of the real estate bureau.