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What are the consequences of not spending money? Do you want to check your credit at the overdue mee

'Hua Bai' is an overdraft consumption limit provided by Alipay to users. Users can spend time shopping in advance and then repay it, which is similar to credit card. In recent years, Alipay has been promoting flower chant, so many people will spend their money ahead of time by spending flowers. Then what will be the consequences of overspending?

First of all, let's talk about the most concerned issue: can't the central bank check the credit when it's overdue?

Credit report is a credit report of residents in the credit center of the people's Bank of China, which records the basic information of residents, loan history (including credit card), public records (Telecommunication arrears, administrative arrears, etc.) and query records. The report is also an important information for financial institutions to refer to when handling loans, credit cards and other businesses. The credit situation shown in the residents' credit report determines to some extent whether the financial institutions grant loans or credit cards to them. In other words, if you have a bad credit record on your credit report, it will directly affect your application for a loan or credit card.

Therefore, Huabei users are generally concerned about whether the overdue payment will affect their personal credit records. In fact, so far, the overdue payment does not affect users' credit records in the central bank, that is, it will not be recorded in the credit report.

On June 28, Huabei released the notice on adjusting the terms of Huabei user service contract. The new contract officially went online and came into effect on June 30, 2017. The most popular term is' to establish a credit system, you agree and authorize the service provider to send it to such credit agencies as sesame credit management Co., Ltd., China Internet Finance Association and other industry self regulatory organizations or other legal authorities Your information (including bad record information) does not need to be notified to you. '

At one time, the article was misunderstood by the media as an overdue credit investigation. Later, Huabei formally refuted the rumors, which had nothing to do with the central bank's credit investigation. Therefore, if someone says that Huabei will go to the central bank for credit investigation after the deadline, then this is basically a rumor.

It's because the overdue of Huabei doesn't affect the personal credit investigation. Some users have a fluke mentality, and they don't pay back after the overdraft of Huabei. They think that the platform can't do anything about it. In fact, if Huabei fails to return the overdue payment, the platform will still collect users in various forms.

Let's talk about the impact of overdue payment!

1. Incurred overdue expenses

Huabei will not generate overdue interest if it is overdue. The daily interest is 5 / 10000 yuan, and the daily interest is 5 yuan, which is still very high.

2. Platform collection

After overdue, the platform will first remind and collect by SMS, email and other methods; after the collection is invalid, there will be a special collector to call overdue users for collection. It should be noted that once the call collection link is reached, it will be more troublesome. Overdue users should be prepared to be 'harassed' by countless calls every day. If the overdue user still refuses to pay, the collector will call his relatives, friends and other contacts for collection, and relatives and friends will suffer. In the actual case, some college students and young people who just took part in the work didn't pay back after the time limit. The platform will contact their school or unit. Then, the user may be punished by the school or unit, or even dismissed if it is serious.

3. Credit affected

The platform will not only collect by phone, but also reduce sesame credit scores of overdue users themselves, even their relatives and friends. The impact is that they can't enjoy all kinds of credit services with high sesame credit scores. Not only that, users' Alipay accounts may be blocked, but Alipay can not be used. The convenience of payment in life will be greatly reduced.

4. Could be prosecuted

If the overdue amount of users is large and the circumstances are serious, the platform can also sue users. At this time, overdue users will face a risk of legal punishment, which may lead to serious imprisonment.

After seeing the consequences of the overdue payment, do you really dare not pay back the money?

We also need to remind you that nowadays, the role of big data on the Internet is growing, and personal credit data is particularly important. Your behavior data on a platform may become the reference information of other institutions (including banks). Do not think that your spending is overdue only to affect your Alipay's use. Other agencies may also get your overdue data and will prohibit you. What is more direct is that financial needs such as loans (online and offline) will be limited, and you may not be able to borrow money. Indirectly, it will also have an adverse impact on your work and career development. Therefore, don't ruin your credit because of a little money.