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How to clean the dirty snow boots in winter? Correct method of cleaning ugg snow boots

The appearance of snow boots seems to be clumsy and cartoon, but they are popular in Eurasia. There is a popular wind all over the world. Snow boots are the winter protection equipment for many girls. Their thermal insulation effect is much better than that of ordinary boots. How about cleaning up the dirty snow boots in winter?

Snow boots care method:

1. Wet the snowshoe body with cold or warm water, but do not soak it too much. It is very important not to wash it with hot water, because it will reduce the stickiness of the sole rubber and damage the natural elasticity of the leather material, thus causing the sole opening and shrinkage of the shoe body.

2. The correct cleaning method is to use a clean sponge brush or soft hair brush to thoroughly and evenly brush the whole surface of the shoe. You can also use a fine toothbrush to help with the cleaning process. Once the shoes are washed, put the boots in the washing machine for a few minutes to remove the excess water.

3. The snow boots need to be placed for natural drying. Do not use the dryer to dry them or expose them to the sun. When drying, please put the sole up and stand the whole shoe upside down. The shoe will be completely dried in a day or two. You will find that once the shoe has been completely dried, the shoe will shrink a little. Don't worry. This is a normal phenomenon. After about an hour of wearing, the shoes will return to the warm and comfortable feeling they used to have, and more importantly, the boots will be clean and beautiful!

4. clean dry boots can be combined with CGM waterproofing spray to enhance the water resistance of boots. Once the boots are fully treated, you can use a special fluffy brush to gently brush the surface of the shoes in one direction to help restore the natural fluffy, beautiful and smooth texture appearance of the fluffy leather surface.

If the correct care method is followed, the service life of snow boots can be maintained for several years.

Remember to clean snow boots:

If possible, do not soak shoes.

Do not use knitting softeners.

Do not use any artificial heat to dry.

Don't expose yourself to the sun.

Don't dry clean.

How to remove ink stains on snow boots

If the snow boots are accidentally stained with ink stains, you can use a knife to evenly scrape and take a certain amount of white chalk powder to cover the stains, make the white chalk powder stay on the boots for a few minutes, then pat off the above chalk powder, and gently rub the stains. Repeat the above operation several times until the stain is almost completely removed. For very serious stains, mm can try to use sandpaper to gently wipe off the spots or a special brush to clean the suede, but please note that this may cause a small amount of discoloration of the original color of the sheepskin at the spots. (it can be dyed with suede retouching agent, with a new effect).

How to remove rain spots

Sometimes when your shoes step on the water on the ground, the upper will be stained by the splashing water, that is, the rain spots. Usually, if you want to remove these rain spots, just fold up the dirty places relative to each other and let them rub against each other, so that the stains on both sides will rub off each other. (it can be colored with suede retouching agent, with a new effect)

How to deodorant

Use two teaspoons of baking soda and two teaspoons of cornmeal in your boots to remove and reduce odors. If you like, you can add a few drops of essential oil in the mixture just to make the shoes smell fragrant. Pour the mixture into the boots and shake it, then stay in for the night. Shake the mixture out again the next day.

Four maintenance methods of snow boots

Snow boots maintenance methods: brand exclusive waterproof spray (waterproof, rain, snow)

If you buy a snow coat without waterproof coating, you can use waterproof spray to make your shoes waterproof. Just spray the spray gently on the surface of the boot, and then put it in for 10 minutes, so that the boots can naturally dry. You can easily wear it. Strengthening the waterproof property of the boots can protect the boots from damage to the boots caused by oil or sewage and prolong the wearing life of the boots. If the boots get wet accidentally, spray them with a new protective coating after they are dry. The best time to spray waterproof spray for boots is when the boots are purchased.

Snow boots maintenance method 2: brand special suede brush

Use a brush to brush the dust along the bottom of the boot. For a brush with a handle, the hair is relatively hard, and it is easier to clean the dirty part on the surface of the boot. Use a brush to brush the dust along the bottom of the boot, and wipe it in order. Do not wear the leather, especially the dirty part. Wash with towel after cleaning.

The third maintenance method of snow boots: brand specific cleaning and care agent -- suede retreading agent

Special cleaning and nursing agent, with the latest scientific research formula and special velvet skin care brush, can achieve the best cleaning effect, make the snow boots fresh, buy close, wear comfortable, use easy.

Snow boots maintenance method 4: snow boots shoe support

Snow boots and shoelaces can make your baby stand upright and have a shape. You often wear them on weekdays, but the sheepskin material is soft and can't stand upright like ordinary leather boots. Therefore, snow boots and shoelaces can make your baby stand upright and have a shape. Don't worry, it will deform and go out of shape!