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What's the matter with win10 black screen? Win10 black screen solution

Win10 operating system is the mainstream operating system at present, but what is the problem of win10 black screen only mouse? Most people don't know.


In case of black screen 1, it is necessary to check whether the driver of the graphics card is normal, or whether the driver of the graphics card is compatible with the system. If it's a video card problem, just reinstall it.

2. Sometimes if the computer is affected by a virus, it may cause the problem that the win10 power on black screen only has a mouse. This can be solved by redoing the system or restoring.

3. Another possibility is the bad point of the display. If the problem of black screen is caused by the bad point of the display, it needs to be solved by replacing the display again.

Win10 boot black screen only mouse solution

1. First, press Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard to open the task manager;

2. In the upper left corner of task manager, click File menu, click Run in file menu, input: explorer.exe, click [create this task with system management authority] check box, and click OK.

3. Find the running program in the start menu, open the running program, enter the regedit command in the search bar, and click [regedit running command] to open the system registry editor;

4. In the open registry program, follow the steps to expand: HKEY \ \ local \ \ machine \ \ software \ \ Microsoft \ \ Windows NT \ \ CurrentVersion \ \ Winlogon;

5. Click the folder Winlogon, then find the shell, double-click the shell;

6. If the shell's numerical data is not explorer.exe, change the shell's numerical data to explorer.exe, and then click OK to fix it.