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What's the best gift for leaders in the new year? What's the point of giving gifts to leaders

Approaching the new year, I think everyone is racking their brains to think how to give a decent gift to the leaders during the new year. Gift giving is a very learned etiquette in China, and it is also the most common human experience. So what kind of gift should be given to leaders in the new year? What are the taboos to give gifts to leaders?

Chinese New Year's' send taste 'to the leaders. Don't be vulgar. It's not necessary to have high value, but it's better to have taste. For example, one of the options for giving gifts to leaders is the contemporary celebrity calligraphy and painting. The price is not very high, but it has great artistic value. Giving gifts to leaders also has a lot of face, especially the landscape painting, which shows the atmosphere and taste.

Moreover, nowadays, celebrity calligraphy and painting are deeply loved by leaders, a symbol of identity and taste, and an excellent gift giving option. From Peng Liyuan, the leader of the state, to Michelle's calligraphy and painting, and from our relocation to our relatives and friends, a treasure basin landscape painting with auspicious fortune, we can see that celebrity calligraphy and painting is a very polite gift choice, so this year's new year's gift to leaders is absolutely appropriate.

Or, send the leaders who love tea to some high-grade tea, or a set of tea sets. Tea lovers have a certain degree of love for tea sets. You can also send leaders some small things of low value, but not very easy to get, but also very exquisite, such as some folk handicrafts.

New year's' send fashion 'to the leaders. The material conditions of the leaders are generally good. It's hard for the common vulgar things to get into their eyes. So the best gift is to send fashionable things with a little taste of life, such as potted plants, wine, exquisite small crystal ornaments, etc., which can not only be ornamental, but also have practical value.

In addition, women leaders can also send some beauty products, such as pearl necklaces, pomegranate bracelets, etc. every woman loves beauty; men leaders can send watches, wallets, etc., which are more fashionable, but also carry on items for men.

Four taboos to give gifts to leaders

1. The value of gifts to leaders should be appropriate the value of gifts to leaders should be appropriate, not too expensive, but not too frivolous.

Too expensive gifts will bring too much psychological burden to the leaders, and it is likely to cause unnecessary trouble; and if the gifts are too light, it is better not to give them, because even if you give them, in many gifts, the leaders will not notice, which is equivalent to giving them for nothing.

2. Pay attention to wording when giving gifts to leaders

And the time to give gifts to leaders in the new year should pay attention to the wording, there is a reasonable time to give gifts.

Don't choose to give gifts at work. One is to delay the leader's work time. The other is to arouse suspicion and rumors from colleagues around you. It's better to send it to the leader when there is no one in private. For example, when you choose the famous calligraphy and painting to send it to the leader, you can take the opportunity to appreciate the calligraphy and painting and give it to the leader in the right way. At this time, if you add a few words of praise, the leader will definitely be impressed with you and will not refuse.

3. Give gifts to leaders, never give necessities

It is forbidden to give gifts to leaders. Since it is a gift, we should pay attention to both 'gift' and 'product'. That is to say, we should give gifts with good taste. Those necessities cannot be regarded as gifts, nor taste.

4. Don't give cash directly to leaders

It's better not to give cash to leaders. Because cash is eye-catching, and easy to set up the rules of politics, discipline and law, while materials are plain and simple, which will remind people of the deep feelings and pure friendship between people.