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Evergrande football school report card released recently! The championship list shows that Evergrand

On the last working day of 2018, Evergrande football school's report card was released! In the whole year, it won 18 major championships, 8 annual awards of the National Youth League, 117 people were selected into the National Youth League and the National Youth League, and U15 team won the top European and American youth training teams such as Argentina national youth league and Real Madrid echelon. The championship list shows that Evergrande Youth League has just tasted the results.

This brilliant report card shows that Evergrande youth training is rapidly emerging as the backbone of domestic football youth training.

The championship list shows that Evergrande youth training has just tasted the success

Evergrande football school won 18 Championships in 2018, not only including four domestic youth training competitions: Youth Super League, youth championship, Youth Football Association Cup and Youth Champions Cup, but also European youth training competitions such as Spain's Madrid Youth Cup.

According to reports, Evergrande football school has introduced Spanish Real Madrid top foreign teachers to teach in the school. Starting from the age of 13, it has selected outstanding students of five age groups to enter Evergrande Spain branch for further study for five years, until the age of 18 to return home. This kind of unique youth training mode, with a high starting point and great investment, has made Evergrande football school first taste the success.

It is worth mentioning that Evergrande u13 team has won four championships a year and set a record of 'full Grand Slam' in the national youth competition. U13 (05 echelon) is the youngest group of players recruited by Evergrande football school at the beginning of 2012, which embodies the concept of Evergrande youth training and six-year training results. At present, among the domestic youth talents, the age group of 2005 has the largest number of registered people and the most fierce competition. It can win all four championships in 2018 national championship, Youth League, football association cup and Champions League, which is the first time in the youth competition of China Football Association. This group of players have arrived in Madrid and will study in Spain for 5 years, which is promising.

Top players are coming out of the competition

On December 26, the 2018 China Football Association Youth Football Competition working conference and the annual award ceremony of the National Youth League were held. Evergrande football school won eight annual awards, with the number of awards ranking first for the first time. Among them, 5 winners were outstanding: Chen Guokang won the best shooter award of u19a group league with 23 excellent goals, and he was regarded as Gao Lin's successor by the insiders; pan jinkuan scored 5 goals in 5 finals, making the first contribution to the team's championship, and won the best shooter award of u13 group; Chen Yu, a center, helped the team win the championship three times in advance, and won the most valuable player award of u19-b group, Zhang Yu Lei won the best goalkeeper Award; Tan Kaiyuan won the most valuable player award of U17 group. He once made three goals in this year's Evergrande U17 international Champions League and came to prominence. He was hailed as less than Han Chao. This year, he was promoted by Cannavaro to Evergrande's first team to sign up for the China Super League.

In 2018, the National Youth League was upgraded in an all-round way, which was determined as the core and top-level event of China's youth competition system by China Football Association, covering six age groups of u13-u19. Evergrande football school's highlight performance on the highest competition platform of China's youth training shows that a group of potential top players are emerging.

The list of national brands shows the talent thickness of Evergrande football school

In April this year, Evergrande football school U17, U15 and u13 three age groups were selected into the national training team list, ranking first in the country; in October, the U17 National Youth red team training, Evergrande football school 6 players were selected, with the largest number of people on the list; China Football Association recently released the U16 national youth training list, Evergrande football school 13 people were selected, including 2 people were selected by skipping, once again 'dominating the list'. According to statistics, in 2018, Evergrande football school was selected by China Youth League and China Junior High School for 117 times, and became the largest player transportation business of national brand in many age groups, which also shows the talent thickness of Evergrande football school.