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What programs will be performed better in 2019? Creative program collection of the annual meeting

in a twinkling of an eye, the year is coming to an end, and the company's annual meeting will become the focus of discussion. In order to intensify the spirit of cooperation among employees and reward everyone's hard work, the company hereby held the company's annual meeting. The annual meeting is to summarize the achievements of the year, and let everyone relax. What's the best program for the annual meeting? The creative program of the annual meeting, don't miss it.

Fun and simple magic: face changing

Three ways to change face

Face changing is a special effect of Sichuan Opera, which is used to create characters in the plot. There are three kinds of face changing techniques: face wiping, face blowing and face pulling. In addition, there is a kind of 'luck' face changing.

To wipe a face is to apply the make-up paint on a specific part of the face. When you put it on the face with your hands, it will turn into another face. If you want to change it all, paint it on your forehead or eyebrows. If you only change the lower half of your face, paint it on your face or nose. If you only need to change the part, the oil paint can only be applied to the changed position.

Face blowing is only suitable for powder cosmetics, such as gold powder, toner, silver powder and so on. Some of them put a small box on the ground of the stage, which contains powder. The actor will do a ambush dance when the time comes, take the opportunity to close his face to the box, blow the powder on his face, and immediately change it into a face of another color.

Face pulling is a more complicated method of face changing. It is to draw the face on a piece of silk in advance, cut it, tie a silk thread on each face, and stick it on the face one by one. The silk thread is tied in a convenient and unobtrusive place of the clothes. With the need of the performance, under the cover of the dance action, it is pulled off one by one.

Hot and sexy jazz dance

For many people, the hot and sexy jazz dance can definitely take the lead, but it's not recommended to make up the difficult jazz dance. After all, it takes a certain amount of talent and time to learn. The editor suggests that you can choose some simple jazz dance according to the video.

Recommended for learning Jazz Dance

Feedback, this song is mainly the first crazy love of Britney Spears

≪ love's first confession & gt;, Britney has several songs that are very good. Basically, I use her songs in class. There's also the little wildcat group. The songs of the little wildcat group can be said to be the first choice for jazz dance music. The sense of rhythm,

The power is very good. Like their beep and button, these two songs are just for example. Basically, their songs can be used. You can also go to their concerts. If you are a dancer, I believe you will be right

You are very helpful. Change -- Jin's is also one of my favorite songs. Poker face -- Lady Gaga's hit, it's a good just

So much for dance first!

The company's annual meeting is approaching, and many companies are suffering from creative programs for the 2016 company's annual meeting. Get rid of the monotonous singing and artistic performance in the past, are there no other creative programs for the annual meeting of the company? In order to solve this headache, the editor decided to summarize the creative programs for the 2016 annual meeting of the company.

Travel through Drama

'what's popular this year?' this is a big problem that has been bothering the planners of the company's annual meeting. In fact, many enterprises have also targeted Yueju Opera as the first program of the company's annual meeting this year. Let's learn from popular cross TV

It is believed that the employees of the post-80s and post-90s will like such creative programs. However, it can take a certain amount of skill to plan the program, and it's also a lot of work in the early stage. There will be rehearsals in the middle.

The most interesting creative program of the annual meeting of the company

Dating Show

This year's most popular TV series is Yueju Opera. What about variety shows? When it comes to dating shows, such as "let's date" on Hunan TV, "rush forward for love" on Zhejiang TV, "if you are the one" on Jiangsu TV, and "love knocks on the door" on Shandong TV, etc., the company's annual meeting program might as well put this dating show on the stage to be a matchmaker for single young men and women in the enterprise There will be a lot of sparks in the letter.

Opening song: Double 'little apple'

Highlight: the first time I listened to apple, it was 300 nursery rhymes. The second time listening: this kind of song can also catch fire? The third time listening: you are my little apple, how can I love you enough & hellip & hellip; chopsticks brother's "little apple" is the "Divine Song" that can't be shaken in 2014, and it is also the "guest" that must appear at the annual meeting of all units and companies.

Way of performance: the atmosphere is easy to be heated when you start with a small apple. Don't worry about clothes. There are a lot of "little apple" chopsticks brother MV same model "available online. When the music starts, you can jump to

In the field, people can jump from the stage to the off stage, and they can also randomly choose the audience who are comfortable in their seats to have a 'little apple' together. Of course, as an opening song, you can provide a little thing of the 'apple series'. For example, a dancer carries a basket at the end

Red Fuji sends a hair off the stage, or sprinkles some apple flavored fruit candy around. It's not only a lively picture, but also a good way to make peace.

Interactive game: smile and choose war

Highlight: many 'challenges' have become popular this year. First the ice bucket challenge, then the smile challenge. If it's too fierce to pour ice buckets at the company's annual meeting, it's more appropriate to take the warm route of "smile challenge". "Smile challenge" is a roll call game that was suddenly popular in wechat friends circle at the end of last year. It came from Thanksgiving Day. The purpose is to "swipe screen friends circle and thank everyone around with a smile". It finally turned into a group carnival.

Performance method: in the process of NBA game halftime, we often play kiss cam, that is to say, which couple the camera swings to, which couple should be generous kiss. The smile challenge at the company's annual meeting can be played in such a way. Which two colleagues do you want to turn to first

I put on the most beautiful, funny and cute smile. Then, according to the laughter or applause of the audience, the best smile 'adorer' was selected.

Singing and dancing: where is the time

Highlight: this song "where is the time" has been popular from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. No matter how many times it is sung, the lyrics sung to the heart still touch everyone's heart. At the same time, I've been a big hit in the circle of friends recently

The post "can you talk well" also carries out the theme of cherishing time with your family and spending more time with them. A company's annual meeting always has a slightly provocative program. This song might as well be a tear jerker.

Performance form: Solo, chorus, modern dance, stage play & hellip; & hellip; "where is the time?" has been popular for a year, and many versions have been derived for the company's annual meeting program reference and selection. If you don't want to be a solo show, you can set

The strength of the Department is one. For example, find a 'good voice of the Department' as the lead singer, and then find two 'good hands' to accompany the dance, or Cosplay to play a stage play when you are old.

Company annual meeting

Physical strength competition: who is the best supported by the plate

Highlight: marathon, color run, fluorescent run, charity run

In the era, people are busy showing their running watches on the street, eight ABS in the gym, and their big brand pure white tennis suits on the tennis court. And the kids at home have a cool new skill:

Plank. It is former U.S. ambassador to China Gary Locke who is keen to promote this new skill. He can hold on to the movement of "two minutes is a hero" for 51 minutes. At the company's annual meeting, it can also be compared with

Put it together, let all the men show their hard work in front of all the beauties.

Performance form: tablet support has become a popular sport, and there will be no fewer participants on site. Yoga mats line up on the stage, and the host announces the start of the competition. It's better to practice plank alone than others

Plank, you can see the best and the worst. The audience under the stage is the judges, who can supervise whether the correct posture is achieved: the head, shoulders, back, hips and legs are placed as straight as steel plates, so that the waist, abdomen and gluteal muscles are integrated

Do. See who has the best lumbar, abdominal and back stability and balance.

Live screen VCR

Highlight: VCR of the annual meeting of the company is available every year. This annual meeting of the company can try the bullet curtain element of 2014 fire. Bullet screen comments make complaints about bullet screen comments can be heard without end. In 2014, barrage films quietly sprung up. "Small time 3", "Qin time moon" and "embroidered spring knives" have been testing the water barrage, supporting and tucking sound. Tencent video, Youku potatoes have joined the barrage, and the concert has also been used in the form of bullet screen comments. In many people's use experience, bullet screen is no longer a kind of harassment, but a new social way.

Performance form: This is more suitable for some IT companies that are proficient in software design. In fact, as long as they master relevant skills, it is not difficult to make a simple bullet curtain. VCR can follow the same way as before, such as by colleagues

The MV of the adapted lyrics of the mirror has the style of funny and farcical, as well as the style of tender feelings. Usually a serious boss can also play a strange role in VCR. With the bullet curtain, you can not only comment

It's limited to chatting, but it can be shared with other colleagues. What make complaints about the mobile phone? Bullet screen comments are sent to the big screen. If you want to flatten your boss, you can take the opportunity to Tucao, anyway, the comments on the barrage are not named. #P subtitle e#

Classic songs

Many professionals like to perform and sing at the company's annual meeting, so it's better to burn some classic songs together to remind everyone of their youth. It's not the classic work of the company's annual meeting program, but also the most important one

The annual meeting project of the company that does not cost everyone's time and energy. When you choose classic songs, you should try to combine what your colleagues are familiar with. In this way, you can sing together in the annual meeting of the company. The scene is also very spectacular.

Imitate popular songs and dances

Now more and more post-80s and 90s young people like Korean pop songs and dances, so the company's annual meeting program certainly can't be without such a song and dance show performance, editor in chief

Here, I would like to recommend the popular songs in South Korea: T-ara cry cry, wonder girls' be my baby, Super Junior's Mr. simple, the boys, miss a good bye baby and so on.

Drama crosstalk programs

Drama programs need creativity, so when selecting programs, they should be determined according to the performance level of the Department staff. Generally speaking, they will adapt dramas such as "big talk journey to the west", "Thunderstorm", "pig eight commandments" & hellip. The program can combine the Internet hot topics of that year, and find inspiration for the Spring Festival Gala over the years.

Annual meeting programs of other companies

The annual meeting programs of other companies are mainly fashion show, musical instrument performance, poetry recitation, or game relay. Relatively speaking, it's relatively simple and doesn't take much time, so these programs are also one of the more popular programs in the company's annual meeting.

Creative program of the annual meeting

Awards at the annual meeting of the company: make friends with local tyrants

Highlight: the most expected part of the company's annual meeting is the lottery. Who will give the prize